Vitality Inc. Forms a Strategic Partnership With US Based Company, Healixa

Vitality Inc, a Guyana based company, providing quality products and services to a multitude of industries. Vitality provides services, not just in Guyana, but all over the Caribbean, as well as South America.

Vitality Inc, a company based out of Guyana which is focused on providing sustainable and economical solutions in emerging economies.

Vitality Inc. brings revolutionary technologies to Guyana through an innovative partnership with Healixa.


EAST BANK DEMERARA, GUYANA, September 18, 2021 / — Vitality Inc. Forms a Strategic Partnership With US Based Company, Healixa

Vitality Inc, a seasoned local Guyanese company led by socially minded entrepreneurs, announced today that they have entered a long-term strategic partnership with a US based company, Healixa, Inc. (OTC: EMOR); a technology company focusing on building and acquiring innovative and disruptive technologies in the health-tech, clean water, and green-tech industries. This joint venture is expected to accelerate the growth for both companies in the quickly emerging Economy of Guyana. The new innovative partnership leverages the respective strengths of Healixa and Vitality to create compelling value for both companies and their respective shareowners, as well as the people of Guyana.

Guyana’s projected economic growth for 2021, measured through its real Gross Domestic Product (GDP), has doubled from 8.1 percent to 20.9 percent, according to the biannual International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s World Economic Outlook. This growth builds on the 26.2 percent real GDP growth estimated for 2020. Based on the World Bank’s latest estimates the country is set to record economic growth of 20.9 percent at the end of 2021, 26.0 percent in 2022 and 23.0 percent in 2023. By 2026 Guyana is projected to have the highest per capita oil production of any country in the world at around a barrel per person per day. Previous forecasts issued by the IMF put Guyana's economy at $14.1 billion by 2025, almost three times the 2019 figure.

“Our agreement enables us to focus on our core mission of being socially minded entrepreneurs, while leveraging the strength of Healixa’s revolutionary technologies,” said Mahaish Ramoutar, CEO of Vitality Inc. “Guyana is in a unique position to learn the lessons of more developed economies and implement cutting edge technology to “leapfrog” over the traditional curve. Healixa’s health-tech applications, along with Healixa’s cutting edge Atmospheric Water Harvesting® are perfect examples of the types of technologies that will help both the people of Guyana and the economy more rapidly advance.”

“Healixa continues to identify innovative approaches to partnerships that enable us to stay at the forefront of building sustainable communities,” said Ian Parker, CEO of Healixa. “Vitality’s commitment to a socially responsible approach to business aligns perfectly with our corporate culture of ‘Doing Well While Doing Good’. This long-term partnership aligns us with a leading local company in one of the fastest growing markets in the world.”

About Vitality Inc
Vitality Inc. was founded by a strong passion and vision for the development of Guyana and its people. They believe in helping to create a green economy through their services and products. The company strives to create local employment, train local Guyanese people to become skillful workers in their businesses as well as supporting the youth generation for sports and general education.
The Vitality team has been involved in both private and public sector projects for many years, allowing them to form strategic partnerships and acquisitions. They have partnered with leading engineering and construction firms to develop medium to large scale projects around the world.

About Healixa Inc.
Healixa is a technology company focusing on building and acquiring innovative and disruptive technologies in the health-tech, clean water generation and green-tech industries. Healixa embraces innovation by combining its intellectual properties, patents, strategic collaborations, and partnerships to create a “LaunchPad” of disruptive sustainable products.

Forward-looking Statements
Certain statements contained in this press release may constitute forward-looking statements. For example, forward-looking statements are used when discussing our expected research and development programs, and more. These forward-looking statements are based only on current expectations of management and are subject to significant risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements, including but not limited to the risks and uncertainties related to the progress, timing, cost, and results of Partnerships and product development programs; difficulties or delays in obtaining regulatory approval or patent protection; and competition from other companies. Except as otherwise required by law, Healixa Inc., f.k.a. Emerald Organic Products, Inc., undertakes no obligation to publicly release any revisions to these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.

Mahaish Ramoutar
Vitality Inc.
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ZEUUS Inc. Appoints 2 New Board Members

ZEUUS Data Centers

ZEUUS Data Centers

Mr. Tommy Dunehew

Mr. Tommy Dunehew

Mr. Khamis Buharoom Al Shamsi

Mr. Khamis Buharoom Al Shamsi

DUBAI, UAE, September 17, 2021 / — ZEUUS Inc. (OTC: ZUUS), ("ZEUUS" or the "Company"), a diversified data centric company, announces that it has 2 executives to its Board of Directors.

Mr Bassam Al Mutawa, Chief Executive Officer and President of ZEUUS, commented: "I am thrilled to be joined on the Board of Directors of ZEUUS Inc by 2 very experienced gentlemen. Both in their own right have impeccable careers and CV’s in the respective fields in banking and management”.

Mr. Bassam continued, “The appointment of these 2 gentlemen to our board enhances our resolve on growing and expanding the company further into the future"

More about our New Directors

Mr. Tommy Dunehew, age 60, has served as president of IT50 Global Defense Consulting, a sought-after advisor and consultant for complex military and commercial industry environments, as well as global enterprises, since 2021. Mr. Dunehew has led innovation and strategy in the defense and aircraft industry for over 30 years. Prior to joining IT50 Global Defense Consulting, he served as vice president of International Strategic Development and Industrial Partnerships for General Atomics Aeronautical Systems in San Diego, California since 2019.

Mr. Dunehew’s vast and varied experience includes almost 30 years at Boeing, serving in positions from director of operations up to vice president for international sales. During this time, he filled many high-impact roles, including liaising with the U.S. Department of Defense, designing and executing multibillion-dollar contracts, and leading the end-to-end operations of Boeing’s $5 billion international operations. In this role, Mr. Dunehew consulted with both leadership and key stakeholders to define goals and shape global campaigns, as well as collaborative partnerships. He led the way to continuing innovation by capturing high-value partnerships, as well as seeking and facilitating partnerships with key industrial leaders. Mr. Dunehew has worked with the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army, Marine Corps and dozens of nations across the globe.

Mr. Dunehew strengths and experience have led to him being a sought-after leader when it comes to strategy, development, and high-value partnerships. He Tommy has an Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in aeronautics from Embry-Riddle University. He also served in the U.S. Airforce for 14 years.

Mr. Khamis Buharoom Al Shamsi, age 57, runs a banking consultancy advisory service. Mr. Buharoom Al Shamsi spent 14 years at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, from 2007 to March 2021. During this time, he held many roles including managing director, member of the board of directors, vice-chairman of the board of directors, and acting CEO for two years. He most recently served as Vice Chairman of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. He has over 36 years of experience in banking, having acted as CEO, manager, and chairman of several boards, and has successfully led teams as the head of the settlements committee, member of the executive committee, and vice-chairman of the nominations and remuneration committee, among many other offices.

Before his time at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Mr. Buharoom Al Shamsi served as CEO of Commercial Bank International for two years, during which time he contributed to the restructuring of the bank. His work at Commercial Bank International included acting as managing director for Commercial Bank Brokerage, as well as managing director for Takamul Real Estate.

Mr. Buharoom Al Shamsi is a certified public accountant and an auditor. He served as an auditor with the UAE Central Bank for 11 years.

Mr. Buharoom Al Shamsi is a sought-after advisor, having sat as chairman of committees including the Audit Committee at Agthia since 2020, a current seat at the Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company, Unifund Capital Financial Investment (UAE) from 2009 to 2017, and National Development Bank (Egypt) from 2007 to 2010, among others. He has also served as a member on many boards and executive committees in UAE, Dubai, Egypt, and London, among others.

In connection with Mr. Buharoom Al Shamsi’s appointment as a director on September 8, 2021, the Company entered into a letter agreement Mr. Buharoom Al Shamsi dated September 6, 2021.

More details:

About ZEUUS Inc.

ZEUUS key 4 divisions are designed to synergistically address these key market opportunities. They are as follows:
• ZEUUS Data Centers, will focus on delivering modern and modular state of the art Data Centers, safe, efficient, and cost effective.
• ZEUUS Cyber Security, will focus on data protection both inside and outside the data centers of ZEUUS by providing end-to-end continuous cyber security.
• ZEUUS SOLAAS, Solution-As-A-Service will focus on delivering modern configurable Solution with ready market business focused approach. Two key examples include Secure Cloud Meetings and Blockchain as a business solution to protect and deliver data transparency.
• ZEUUS Energy will focus on carbon neutral efficient electrical energy generation based on the power of Water, Wind and Sun. Innovative Immersive Cooling low PUE.

By combining the power of its four division ZEUUS can delivery cost effective sustainable solutions with ongoing growth.

The Company believes that it has strong economic prospects by the following dynamics of the data storage, cloud services and connected industries, such as data / cyber security, block chain, and crypto mining.

For more information, please visit the Company's website at

Information on our website does not constitute a part of this press release.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements.

For these statements, please read complete press release here:

For further information please contact:

Mr Bassam Al Mutawa ZEUUS Inc.
Tel: +1 (888) 469 3887


Mr Bassam Al Mutawa
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Smartphone Market Trends, Size, Growth & Forecast 2028

Research Report

DataM Intelligence

The Global Smartphone Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.20% during the forecasting period (2021-2028).

The Global Smartphone Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.20% during the forecasting period (2021-2028).”

— DataM Intelligence

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATE AMERICA, September 17, 2021 / — Market Overview
Smartphones are a class of cell phones and of multi-reason mobile computing devices. They are outstanding from characteristic telephones by using their stronger hardware skills and substantial cell running systems, which facilitate wider software program, net, and multimedia functionality, along with core phone features including voice calls and textual content messaging.

Smartphones usually encompass various sensors that can be leveraged with the aid of their software program, inclusive of a magnetometer, proximity sensors, barometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer, and guide wireless communications protocols which include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and satellite navigation.

View full report:

Market Share
In India, cellphone sales grew 6.7% to 366.2 million devices in April-June 2017.
Southeast Asian international locations drove sales in the Asia Pacific that saw a shipment of over 78 million units at some point in the first region of 2017.

Market Growth Drivers
Strong call for 4G gadgets in emerging markets like India, is helping the telephone marketplace to grow exponentially, according to facts from research firm Gartner.

Although demand for utility smartphones stays strong, there's a developing demand in emerging markets for 4G smartphones, with greater storage, better processors, and more advanced cameras.

Further, the most important advantage of buying a low-cost 4G mobile cellphone is uninterrupted 4G voice calls. When it comes to utilization, the 4G-enabled cellphone is a higher choice to enjoy the quickest loading speed each time & anywhere.

Along with all the above benefits, the Reliance JIO support 4G cell cellphone comes with an extremely good digicam, upgraded Li-ion/Li-polymer battery, dual 4G SIM slots, updated Android OS, & diverse multimedia functions.

Market Growth Restraints
However, one of the most important demanding situations that cellular operators have to face presently is the growing demand for higher battery potential and the lack of 4G networks in a few nations.

A lot of smartphones now have 3G capabilities. However, there are nonetheless some problems consisting of slow internet get right of entry to, postpone, and interruptions in downloading or streaming. 3G is of course a good deal better than conventional 2G, but cell operators must find approaches to grow the performance of community architectures. But the battery lifestyle continues to be an unsolved riddle, particularly whilst users use 4G or any heavy utility.

Another massive difficulty for mobile operators is safety issues. It is so clean to hack a telephone in recent times, even IOS running machine that is well known for high protection can be hacked and jailbreak within a day. Another operating system together with Android is considered “too open,” customers can be lost a variety of precious information they save on their telephones.

Industry Segmentation
By Operating Systems
• Android
• Windows
• iOS
• Others
By RAM Size
• 2GB
• 3GB–4GB
• 6GB
• 8GB
By Distribution Channel
• Online Channel
• Offline Channel

Download free sample:

Industry Geographical
Geographically, the Global Smartphone Market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and RoW. Of these, Asia Pacific dominates the market in terms of value.
India’s smartphone market is driven by rapid device adoption across all age groups, not just Millennials, and the hyper-competition among smartphone manufacturers such as global giants like Apple, Xiaomi, and Samsung. Further, The country’s 1.3 billion citizens are spread across a vast geographic area from modern urban hubs to poor rural villages which have made delivering payments and services challenging for both the public and the private sector.
That biometric information allows people to more easily access government services, such as subsidies, health care, and education, or do things like open a bank account or cell phone plan remotely using an Aadhaar-approved smartphone.
The government is pushing smartphone makers to create devices for the domestic market which support iris-based authentication technology.

Korean manufacturer Samsung — which has 25% of the smartphone market in India, According to IDC is the only company with an Aadhaar-approved device currently on the market.
Furthermore, Desktop and tablet traffic is stagnant or shrinking in the vast majority of Asia-Pacific countries. Also, more vendors continue to launch low-priced smartphone models, the price gap between feature phones and smartphones will be narrowed, driving rampant user migration in the price-sensitive Indian market.

Competitive Trends
The major companies involved in the development and sale of the smartphone in India include Samsung, Apple Inc., and Xiaomi. The companies are focused on strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and new product launches to expand the business reach and strengthen the regional market position. For instance, in March 2017, Apple Inc. has acquired digital music analytics start-up Asaii for strengthening its music-streaming platform.
Major companies have adopted the agreement, product launch, expansion, and merger to sustain the intense competition in this market. For instance, in March 2018, Apple Inc. has acquired the magazine app Texture. This acquisition is for pushing the iPhone maker to generate more revenue from online content and services. The key players profiled in the report include Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Nokia, Sony, LG, VIVO, and Google.

Related Topic's
Smartphone Image Sensors Market, Mobile Phone Accessories Packaging Market, Smartphone Cover Glass Market

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The Accent Coach Discusses How to Return to the Office With Ease

Claudette Roche is a dialect coach who teaches accent reduction.  She teaches foreign and American accents to actors and business persons/executives.  In 2010 she was named as one of The Top 5 Voice Coaches by Hollywood Weekly Magazine.

The Accent Coach, Claudette Roche, offers some insight on how to make this transition as smooth as possible.

I definitely think that we all have to practice a little self-compassion. It’s been a tough year with a ton of anxiety and nerves. Be kind to yourself and others.”

— Claudette Roche

VERO BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — As the world begins to return to a “new normal,” many office workers are finding themselves back in their workplaces conversing face-to-face with their colleagues once again. And with this, there might come a ton of discomfort and confusion about communicating with one’s co-workers face-to-face. The Accent Coach, Claudette Roche, offers some insight on how to make this transition as smooth as possible.

“I definitely think that we all have to practice a little self-compassion. It’s been a tough year with a ton of anxiety and nerves. Be kind to yourself and others. Acknowledge that we all aren’t used to conversing with one another face-to-face,” Roche states. “Another point worth noting here is remembering to actively listen to others – whether that is in the break room or during meetings. Sometimes, when we see others face-to-face, we get so caught up in creating a response that we don’t fully hear what the other person is saying, so this is really important!”

“Another really cool aspect here is that you can now use your hands and your body language to communicate with others. Zoom and other video conference tools kind of took that away from us. Usually, you only see the others from the neck-up. But when talking in-person, you get the full experience going both ways. You can view their body language and vice versa. This creates a whole other dynamic and a whole other way to communicate!” The Accent Coach adds.

For many, this is exciting news. Many individuals look forward to reconnecting with their colleagues during work and after work. Roche advises, “Just try not to over-do it or over-exert yourself with too much socializing. It’s been a while. Ease back into it. Sure, go out for that beer with your co-workers. But if it’s a lot, maybe don’t make it a weekly thing yet. Go slow. Tune into yourself and your comfort levels. You’ll get back there! It just takes some time to adjust.”

Claudette Roche
The Accent Coach
+1 818-434-7761
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New Smart Glasses to Be Introduced in the United States This Month by Tokyo-Based Inventor After Success in Japan

HoldOn Ai/ Glasses for kids

Smart glasses Ai glasses logo

Ai Glasses smart glasses logo

Smart glasses for Adults

HoldOn Ai/ Glasses for Adults

Eye care professionals based in the U.S. are needed to test the new HoldOn Ai/Glasses, designed to help prevent nearsightedness and develop eye-friendly habits.

NISHISHINJUKU, SHINJUKU-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, September 16, 2021 / — New AI-based eyeglasses that tackle weak eyesight using high-precision sensors will debut in the U.S. at a vision-care trade show this month.

ClearElectron, the Tokyo-based inventor of HoldOn Ai/Glasses, is searching for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians in the U.S. to test the smart glasses, which are already being recommended to patients in Japan.

“Eye care specialists can introduce their patients to the newest technology while also helping to improve their vision, health, and lifestyle,” said Shiken Ono, chief executive officer of ClearElectron.

HoldOn Ai/Glasses use sensors and vibrations to monitor poor posture, note the distance between the wearer and a screen, measure a room’s brightness, and calculate screen time. By alerting wearers to their eye-harming habits, the glasses lower the risk of myopia and vision problems due to the overuse of electronic devices.

The glasses will be introduced to the U.S. market at Vision Expo West from Sept. 23-25 in Las Vegas.

Thomas Tanoue
ClearElectron Co., Ltd.
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Ai/Glasses are smart glasses from Tokyo that uses AI to correct bad posture and protect your eyes.

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AV-Comparatives veröffentlicht neueste Testergebnisse für Antivirenprodukte für Verbraucher

Logo AV-Comparatives

Logo AV-Comparatives

Diagramm mit Übersicht über die Testergebnisse

Die Ergebnisse für jedes getestete Produkt sind im Factsheet aufgeführt

Computerbildschirm, der ein Beispiel für eine Programmiersprache anzeigt

Malware-Autoren schreiben weiterhin neue Schadprogramme

17 Antiviren-Produkte für Verbraucher durchlaufen einen realistischen Schutztest. Die Ergebnisse für Juli/August sind auf bei AV-Comparatives verfügbar.

Unsere Tests zeigen, wie gut AV-Produkte für Verbraucher mit aktuellen Bedrohungen zurechtkommen. Wir stellen fest, dass einige der Produkte das System gut schützen, aber auch Fehlalarme auslösen.”

— Peter Stelzhammer, co-founder, AV-Comparatives

INNSBRUCK, TIROL, ÖSTERREICH, September 16, 2021 / — Im Rahmen seiner Main Test Series für Endverbraucher hat AV-Comparatives soeben ein Factsheet mit den neuesten Testergebnissen veröffentlicht. Das Factsheet zeigt die Ergebnisse des Real-World Protection Test, durchgeführt von Juli und August 2021. Das österreichische Antiviren-Testlabor führt systematische Tests von Sicherheitssoftwarelösungen durch, um Verbraucher vor Cyberkriminalität zu schützen. Die Zertifizierung durch AV-Comparatives gilt als weltweit anerkannter Maßstab für die Beurteilung der Leistungsfähigkeit von Software.

Der Consumer Real-World Protection Test von AV-Comparatives simuliert die Aktionen eines typischen Benutzers beim Surfen im Internet. Ein hochentwickelter automatisierter Prozess versucht, Live-Malware aus dem Internet herunterzuladen und auszuführen, genauso, wie es ein echter Benutzer tun könnte. Bei dem Testverfahren kommen alle relevanten Schutzfunktionen der einzelnen Produkte zum Einsatz. So könnte die URL, welche die Malware beherbergt, zu Beginn des Testlaufs erkannt und blockiert werden; alternativ könnte die Malware erfolgreich heruntergeladen und ausgeführt, dann aber von der Verhaltenserkennung des Sicherheitsproduktes erkannt und behoben werden.

Folgende 17 Produkte wurden getestet: Avast Free Antivirus; AVG Free Antivirus; Avira Antivirus Pro; Bitdefender Internet Security; ESET Internet Security; G Data Total Security; K7 Total Security; Kaspersky Internet Security; Malwarebytes Premium; McAfee Total Protection, NortonLifeLock Norton 360; Panda Free Antivirus; Total AV Total Security; Total Defense Essential Antivirus; Trend Micro Internet Security; VIPRE Advanced Security.

Davon erreichten die Produkte von Bitdefender, K7, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Total Defense, Vipre, McAfee, Avast und AVG hervorragende Erkennungsraten mit geringen Fehlalarmen. Drei weitere Produkte erreichten 100 %ige Erkennungsraten, allerdings auf Kosten einer hohen Anzahl von Fehlalarmen.

Die Ergebnisse des von AV-Comparatives veröffentlichten Factsheets zum Real-World Protection Test basieren auf 380 Live-Testfällen, darunter funktionierende Exploits und URLs, die direkt auf Malware verweisen. Die verwendeten Testfälle decken ein breites Spektrum aktueller bösartiger Websites ab und verdeutlichen die Qualität des Schutzes, den die verschiedenen Produkte bieten. Dieser AV-Test von AV-Comparatives bietet detaillierte Einblicke in die aktuellen Fähigkeiten von 17 beliebten Antiviren-Produkten. Die Ergebnisse des False-Positives-Tests sind auch im Factsheet-Bericht verfügbar.

Der Real-World Protection Test ist derzeit einer der umfangreichsten und komplexesten Tests, der eine relativ große Anzahl von Testfällen verwendet. Derzeit wird dieser Test unter dem aktualisierten Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit mit aktueller Software von Drittanbietern wie Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, etc. durchgeführt. Alle paar Monate werden die Tabellen auf der Website von AV-Comparatives aktualisiert, um die neuesten Schutzraten der getesteten Produkte anzuzeigen.

Peter Stelzahmmer
+43 664 1611720398
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Austin School District Creates a Visual PA System with Wahsega

Group of buildings in Austin, Texas.

Wahsega is proud to have played an essential role in helping Del Valle ISD keep their hard of hearing students safe with visual messaging.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, September 16, 2021 / — Del Valle ISD (Independent School District) outside Austin, Texas installs Wahsega IP Displays to create a visual PA system to support their deaf and hard of hearing students for emergency notifications.

Del Valle ISD is a growing school district home to 16 campuses and over ten thousand K-12 students. Del Valle’s rapid growth is due in part to Tesla's nearby Giga Texas manufacturing facility. Del Valle’s mission: “To create a bi-literate, culturally responsive enhanced academic foundation by providing a future-ready education with real-world opportunities.”

In 2021, Del Valle identified the need for a visually supported PA system that could notify deaf and hard of hearing students in the event of an emergency. According to the National Association of the Deaf, “all facets of the schooling experience are essential for a deaf or hard of hearing child to achieve equality of opportunity and an appropriate education.” Furthermore, “Captioning may be necessary and required to make audio and audiovisual information and communication accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.”

Wahsega IP Displays met Del Valle’s requirements for a visually supported PA system with custom text-based scrolling messages and built-in emergency flashers. The school district installed Wahsega IP Displays in all classrooms for hard of hearing students. This modern solution provides visual alerts when emergency situations arise, further enhancing safety protocols throughout the campus. Wahsega is proud to have played an essential role in helping Del Valle ISD keep their hard of hearing students safe with visual messaging. We hope Del Valle ISD will inspire other school districts to take the initiative to support their deaf and hard of hearing students with visual PA systems.

About Wahsega

Wahsega offers a next-generation mass notification and safety IoT platform called Carina. The Carina platform protects people and buildings by linking device management with building intelligence through a single dashboard. Using Carina intelligent devices, you can get the message out to everyone in and around your building during an emergency.
All Wahsega products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA. For more information, visit

75 5th Street NW
Suite 2170
Atlanta, GA 30308
+1 (888) 509-2379

Joshua Mann
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Source: EIN Presswire MOBILE receives 2 intl. network operator approvals PTCRB and GCF for the industrial smartphone family IS530.x

IS530.x is an explosion-proof industrial smartphone

IS530.x is an explosion-proof industrial smartphone

IS-RSMG2.1 / IS-RSMG2.2 wired remote speaker microphone

IS-RSMG2.1 / IS-RSMG2.2 wired remote speaker microphone

Trigger Handle (hand-held barcode scanner) IS-TH1xx.1

Trigger Handle (hand-held barcode scanner) IS-TH1xx.1

Multifunctional mobile device for explosion-protected push-to-talk use complies with international mobile radio standards

LAUDA-KOENIGSHOFEN, GERMANY, September 16, 2021 / — MOBILE, one of the world's most innovative developers of mobile communication devices and solutions for use in hazardous areas, has received the international mobile network operator certifications GCF (Global Certification Forum) and PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board) for its IS530.x industrial smartphone family. The certifications are the basis for further international provider-dependent approvals. They underline the company's global market strategy and follow the worldwide trend towards professional multifunction PTT smartphones and away from pure PTT radio solutions. For wireless products, the PTCRB and GCF certifications are mandatory, especially for market approval in North America and further separate provider approvals. The certifications ensure that a device is compliant with 3GPP wireless standards and meets wireless technologies requirements. The IS530.x is Android Enterprise Recommended, Zero-Touch enabled, MDM compliant, fully approved by both approval organisations and thus fully compliant with all mobile device requirements. Thanks to its multifunctional interface, it can also be flexibly combined with the MOBILE trigger handle / hand-held barcode scanner IS TH1xx.1 and used for reliable data capturing in hazardous areas. As an ideal supplement for PTT use, MOBILE offers the wired remote speaker microphone IS-RSMG2.1 / IS-RSMG2.2 – with US approval also available as C1D1-/C1D2-version.

Certificate requirements
Certificates are test requirements that examine mobile devices for TRP (Total Radiated Power), Total Actual Radiated RF Power, TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity), Isotropic Sensitivity, RSE (Radiated Spurious Emissions), Spurious Radiation and Emissions at Rest, SIM tests, SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), Electromagnetic Radiation Level and individual network protocols, among others.

After the mandatory government certificate level, such as that of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the United States and the IC (Industry Canada) in Canada, there is a second level. These industry standard certificates, such as the PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board) and the GCF (Global Certification Forum) are in turn the basis for the next level, that of network operator approvals. Due to the multitude of global providers and their own certificate requirements, a wide variety of test requirements for mobile radio standards and technological developments have emerged.

The IS530.x industrial smartphone: PTCRB and GCF certified
The IS530.x is an explosion-proof industrial smartphone that saves time and resources through its multi-functionality: via a third-party app, it can be used with its large PTT button for seamless, secure and cross-organisational communication. The device is Android Enterprise Recommended, Zero-Touch enabled and MDM compatible, and various peripherals can be connected via the 13-pin interface. Integrated into the Trigger Handle (hand-held barcode scanner) IS-TH1xx.1, it can immediately process the data from the scans (which are possible up to a distance of 15 metres) as a multifunctional device. Bluetooth® 5.0 guarantees high speed and long range, which is essential especially for IoT applications. The SOS button and the lone worker protection function offer optimal protection even for hazardous work environments. The powerful, replaceable 3600 mAh battery with multi-protection also makes the device ideal for multi-shift operation.

The powerful processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM660 Octa-Core), the large internal memory of 64 GB (expandable to 128 GB via microSD) and a 4 GB working memory (RAM) combined with Android™ 10 provide the basis for a high working speed. The good camera equipment (main camera 13 MP, front camera 5 MP), two micro SIM slots, NFC (Near Field Communication) and Wifi (2.4GHz + 5GHz: IEEE; 802.11a/ b/g/n/ac/e/k/r/h) with hotspot function for max. 8 connections complete the extensive equipment package.

Thanks to the special surfaces and materials (Corning Gorilla Glass V3 and TPU), the device can be cleaned regularly with a disinfectant solution of 70% alcohol and distilled water or soap solution without suffering any damage.

PTT Accessories: IS-RSMG2.1 / IS-RSMG2.2
The IS-RSMG2.1 / IS-RSMG2.2 wired remote speaker microphone is already available as a matching PTT accessory with US approval as C1D1-/C1D2-version. With its rugged but lightweight housing and secure ISM interface, the device offers smoother PTT communication when combined with the IS530.x. The dynamic loudspeaker is specially designed for loud environmental conditions.

About MOBILE MOBILE GmbH, based in Lauda-Koenigshofen/Germany, was founded in 2011 and is today one of the world's leading and most innovative developers of mobile communication devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablet PCs etc. for safe use in hazardous areas and for robust use in industry and outdoors. Engineers and specialists at the Lauda-Koenigshofen site develop practice-oriented products and individual, customer-specific software solutions based on legal regulations such as ATEX, IECEx. NEC 500 and EAC. The MOBILE development team incorporates all international standards into product development and is itself an active member of the relevant standardization committees. In order to meet all explosion protection requirements, the products are developed from scratch. This gives customers worldwide the certainty of using high-quality communication technology at the latest technical level. In addition, MOBILE cooperates with solution providers in the areas of push-to-talk, mobile device management, maintenance software or lone worker in order to be able to offer complete solutions from a single source MOBILE is represented by a subsidiary in Singapore and Moscow and sales partners in 72 countries in Europe, the USA, Latin America, South Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Australia and Asia.

For further information please visit the website of MOBILE: MOBILE on LinkedIn

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Amy Bunszel

Autodesk Executive Vice President is a graduate of the first DCRO Insitute guided study cohort for women executives and board members

Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADSK)

As a global technology executive, board member, and entrepreneur, Amy brings the type of mindset around risk governance that is very focused on value creation through good risk-taking.”

— David R. Koenig, President and CEO of The DCRO Institute

COLUMBUS, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — The DCRO Institute, a global non-profit focused on bringing risk expertise to the boardroom and c-suite, announced today the award of the prestigious Certificate in Risk Governance to Amy Bunszel of Lafayette, CA, in the United States.

Amy serves as Executive Vice President, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Design for Autodesk, Inc. (NASD: ADSK). As a member of the executive team, she manages product strategy and execution for Autodesk’s flagship AEC design offerings. With more than 25 years of experience innovating software products across the architecture, engineering, and construction, manufacturing, and media and entertainment industries, Amy inspires innovative strategy while driving large-scale agile software development around the globe. She also serves on the board of Pixelworks (NASD: PXLW) and was a co-founder of Linius Technologies, which Autodesk acquired in 2003.

"As a global technology executive, board member, and entrepreneur, Amy brings the type of mindset around risk governance that is very focused on value creation through good risk-taking," said David R. Koenig, President and CEO of the DCRO Institute. "We are thrilled to include her among our alumni and are very happy to see how she will take this knowledge into both the executive suite and the boardroom," he continued.

The Certificate in Risk Governance is awarded to those who have completed an intensive 17-course education program and evaluation. The curriculum is designed for current and aspiring board members who seek to advance the governance of risk-taking at their organizations and those who interact with boards. Taught by some of the world's leading figures in risk governance, the program features lessons by nearly 50 board members, c-level executives, and well-known authors from five continents.

Amy was a member of the DCRO Institute's first guided study cohort for the Certificate in Risk Governance Program. In guided study cohorts, executives and board members collaborate on case studies, address current headline issues, and put into practice the knowledge they gained from the program, all under the guidance of a highly regarded and practicing board member or executive.

"The course material was highly relevant to my role as both an executive and board member. I especially liked framing risk-governance as an opportunity. Risks exist everywhere and managing risk with a focus on opportunity and not just the downside can deliver great value."

The Certificate in Risk Governance program, also known as The Board Members' Course on Risk™, is unique. No course on risk for board members as robust as this – depth, practicality, and global expertise – exists anywhere else. The fundamental Duty of Care for directors around risk is to ensure that our organizations take risks well in pursuit of our goals and ambitions. This course furthers the fulfillment of that duty. Information about the Certificate in Risk Governance program is available for download.

Read testimonials about the program at

About the DCRO Institute – The DCRO Institute works globally to bring risk expertise to the boardroom and c-suite. Graduates from our programs are leaders in boardrooms and c-suites on five continents. Our goal, which is emblazoned on our logo, is to help organizations Innovate, Sustain, and Create Value. Visit to learn more.

For more information, please contact David R. Koenig at +1.612.286.1776 or by e-mail at

David R. Koenig
The DCRO Institute
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Learn more about the Certificate in Risk Governance program

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Jean O’Neill to Serve as Aspire2STEAM Advisor

Jean O’Neill, Advisor to Aspire2STEAM

Jean O'Neill, scholarship sponsor, with Emily Park at a recent mentoring meeting

Jean O’Neill, with an Aspire2STEAM mentee Emily Park

Channel leader and passionate advocate for female inclusion in tech helps guide nonprofit providing scholarships and mentoring to overlooked women

I’ve seen firsthand how our businesses suffer without equal representation, and I’ve also seen tech companies thrive when female perspectives, thoughts, and experiences are included and respected.”

— Jean O'Neill, tech industry leader and advisor to Aspire2STEAM

DES MOINES, IOWA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — Jean O’Neill, philanthropist, angel investor, mentor, and Vice President Channel at Appgate, will serve as a strategic advisor to the humanitarian nonprofit, Aspire2STEAM. According to a statement made today by Cheryl O’Donoghue, the organization’s CEO and Co-Founder, “Jean’s been advising Aspire2STEAM behind the scenes since 2018. Her passion for empowering women in tech and other STEAM-related fields will help guide the continued growth of our scholarship and mentoring program in 2022 and beyond, and we’re excited to have her on our team in this more official capacity.”

In 2018 Jean first became aware of Aspire2STEAM’s work to help propel young women and girls pursuing STEAM careers when she and the nonprofit’s Cheryl O’Donoghue co-hosted a major industry tech event sponsored by the Alliance of Women. Jean later participated in two book projects which benefitted Aspire2STEAM scholars. “I’m fearlessly passionate about enabling other women in tech because as an industry it woefully lacks representation,” said Jean O’Neill. “I’ve seen firsthand how our businesses suffer without equal representation, and I’ve also seen tech companies thrive when female perspectives, thoughts, and experiences are included and respected. This is why it was an easy “yes” to become an advisor to Aspire2STEAM. Their work resonates with my core values and the notion of gender equality within the tech community and throughout the world.”

Jean is Vice President Channel at Appgate, a global tech infrastructure security organization bringing together a set of differentiated cloud- and hybrid-ready security and analytics products and services. Jean has been initiating and building partnerships with high growth companies in the IT solutions and services space for 20 years. She has partnered with key stakeholders on both the company and the client side to drive alignment, growth strategies, solution development, pipeline acceleration and account penetration with SIs, MSPs, ISVs, master agents, distributors, and VAR partners. She is well known for being a leader who brings her passion for partners to inspire the teaming and trust that drives revenue.

Jean is also well known for being a dedicated mentor to other women. “I didn’t benefit from having female mentors early in my career, quite simply because so few existed at the time,” said Jean. “Instead, I found that building key relationships with my peers through involvement in female-focused professional groups has had a positive influence in my life and continues to inspire me to be engaged in supporting and encouraging others. That’s why I will also serve as a mentor to Aspire2STEAM scholarship recipients, helping these young women in a way that I hope will make a difference in their careers.”

In addition to being an advisor to Aspire2STEAM, Jean also serves as a strategic advisory board director for SaaSMAX. SaaSMAX is the value-add SaaS Marketplace and SaaS distributor that matches business cloud software vendors (“SaaS Vendors”) and solution providers ("SaaS Resellers'), enabling both to create new revenues and partner opportunities.

Before joining Appgate, Jean held several executive positions for companies including Cyxtera, Involta, Dynatrace, Terremark (a Verizon company), and Rackspace, among others. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in communications from Kennesaw State University in Georgia.

Jean currently is an active member of both Alliance of Channel Women and Cloud Girls and regularly volunteers for local nonprofits where she resides in San Diego, California.

About Aspire2STEAM (formerly known as Mission Sisters Who Work) is in its fourth year of operation and was founded on the belief that when you give young women and girls access to an education and mentoring to become self-empowered, you lift them up, those around them…and ultimately the world. Donations fund scholarships for young women and girls experiencing financial and opportunity barriers as they complete their STEAM-related education. Also, 100 percent of all royalties earned from books written by co-founder and CEO, Cheryl O’Donoghue, including How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader, How to Be a Woman in Technology, and How to Be a Woman in Business are donated to Aspire2STEAM.

Buy a book on Amazon and/or donate now at Your kindness is a catalyst for change and empowerment for the young women and girls we serve.

Learn more about our scholarships at and apply for a scholarship online today.

Cheryl O'Donoghue
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