NoviFlow’s NoviWare 400.6 Release Raises the Bar on Performance and Flexibility for SDN White-Box Switches

NoviWare update simplifies installation on white-box switches and enables in-switch VM installation for unmatched programmability, throughput and scalability!

NoviWare's in-switch VM hosting capability provides unprecedented performance and scalability for the deployment of advanced VNFs in both existing and greenfield networks.

— Jesper Eriksson, Vice-President of Sales and Product Management

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, October 10, 2018 / — NoviFlow® Inc., a leading vendor of high-performance SDN network operating software (NOS), cybersecurity middleware and programmable network solutions, today announced the release of NoviWare 400.6 Network Operating System (NOS), with enhanced support for third-party Network Processor and Barefoot Tofino-based white-box switches, as well as the capacity to expand NoviWare’s already extensive feature set by enabling the VM installation directly within switches running the NoviWare NOS.

Recent years have seen a tremendous and accelerating increase in demand for data networking capacity with carriers and in enterprises. The multiplication of mobile and connected devices, the proliferation of streaming video-based applications, and now the internet of things (IoT) will only increase the challenge of delivering capacity and ensuring quality as data moves from web to mobile to machines. The challenge is even greater for companies seeking to protect data, infrastructure, and identities by cost-effectively inspecting, analyzing and mitigating cyber threats in an age of social networks, state-sponsored cyber-terrorism, automated BOT networks, and machine learning driven malware.
NoviFlow’s NoviWare 400.6 improves on the world’s highest performance and most feature-rich implementation of match-action forwarding planes by both simplifying installation and management of NoviWare software on high-performance white box switches, and by making it possible to expand NoviWare’s capability by installing a VM directly in-switch, effectively incorporating user provided VNFs (Virtualized Network Functions) into NoviFlow’s programmable fabric. Via NoviWare’s standard APIs (OpenFlow, gRPC, and CLI), VMs installed in this manner can directly utilize the advanced match-action pipeline processing capabilities implemented by NoviWare on Network Processors or Barefoot Tofino-based hardware to deliver orders-of-magnitude increases in throughput over X86 based pipelines, as well as to deliver dynamic scalability, advanced traffic management, packet filtering, telemetry, in-line monitoring, load balancing and more, all at line-rates up to 100Gbps and with a total capacity of 6.5 Tbps in a single device.
“To remain competitive, companies need to deal with exponentially increasing data volume, networking capacity demands, ever-changing usage patterns and the needs to accommodate a never-ending stream of innovative new services and applications,” said Jesper Eriksson, Vice-President of Sales and Product Management of NoviFlow explained, “Enhancing NoviWare’s ability by hosting VMs directly in-switch provides a compelling new SDN-based option for the deployment of advanced VNFs, in both existing and greenfield networks, with unprecedented price performance and scalability. It also extends the radical CAPEX and OPEX benefits of NoviWare-based programmable forwarding capabilities to applications and network services that have never before had access to high-performance match-action data plane processing.”
Solution Benefits:
• Supports Virtual Machine installation on top of NoviWare, enabling Virtual Network Functions to achieve total throughput capability in the Terabit range
• Simplifies installation of NoviWare through ONIE
• Support of NoviWare for the S9180-32X TradeDX Whitebox
• Resetting and showing statistics via gRPC
• License key support (NS-1000 and NS-2000 series)

By enabling support for third-party VMs, NoviWare 400.6 enables applications made unwieldy or too expensive to deploy by the poor packet handling characteristics of X86 forwarding planes, to effectively address use cases into the Tbps range, while reducing network complexity and packet latency. Solutions can be easily scaled when demand fluctuates while preserving stateful security information, minimizing gaps in coverage, and reducing total capital expenses and operational costs.

NoviWare will be demonstrated at the NoviFlow booth (A8), October 8-12, 2018 at the SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague, Netherlands.

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Source: EIN Presswire