All-Star Poets Headline 2019 Poetry by the Sea: A Global Conference

Poetry by the Sea

National Book Award winner at Poetry by the Sea

Guggenheim Fellowship and Harvard Medical School Professor

Hayes, Stallings, Matejka, Clark, Hofmann, Finch, Campo, and more!

Poetry by the Sea is to literary conferences what a Stradivarius violin is to a fiddle – in a league of its own.”

— Kim Bridgman



All-Star Poets Headline 2019 Poetry by the Sea: A Global Conference
Madison, Conn. March 18, 2019 – For four days in May, some of the most important poets in America will take up residence in Madison, Connecticut.

Better yet, you’re invited to join this vibrant community of people who love to read, create, listen to and appreciate this most versatile literary form.

“Poetry by the Sea: A Global Conference” will be held May 21 through May 24 at the Mercy by the Sea Spiritual Retreat and Conference Center, a 33-acre sanctuary on the shores of Long Island Sound.
The 2019 lineup is as impressive as the location is beautiful.

Poetry by the Sea is to literary conferences what a Stradivarius violin is to a fiddle – in a league of its own.-
National Book Award and MacArthur Foundation grant winner Terrance Hayes will deliver the keynote address.
National Book Critic Award finalist Alicia E. Stallings, who is also director of the Athens, Greece Poetry Center, will give the annual conference lecture.

National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize finalist Adrian Matejka, Pushcart Prize winners Tiana Clark and Richie Hofmann, and Milton Kessler Poetry Book Award finalist Sean Thomas Dougherty will give featured readings.

Poet, writer and performance artist Annie Finch will give metrical consultations to conference attendees on a first come basis.
“Black Girl Magic” author Mahogany L Browne will lead a two-day workshop. Poet, essayist, and Guggenheim Fellowship winner Rafael Campo – a doctor of internal medicine at Harvard Medical School – will lead a daylong workshop.

Lunch, dinner and all catered receptions are included in the conference price.

Creating a community was one reason poet and academician Kim Bridgford founded Poetry by the Sea in 2014.

“People gain community by attending the conference,” said Bridgford, who is also the group’s president. “More than that, I wanted to bring the best people together for days of poetry and conversation. We want everyone to feel included at Poetry by the Sea. People have said that they appreciate the warm ‘vibe’ about the conference.”

Conference attendees say Bridgford has succeeded.

“Poetry by the Sea weaves an unusually diverse collection of poetic ideas and communities into a gracious tapestry,” Annie Finch said. “There are superstar poetry readings; panels spanning formal craft, free verse, and performance poetry; good food; and unforgettable moments.

“I don't know of any other poetry conference that is at once so serious and worthwhile, so inclusive and open-minded, and so fun.”

To see a short video of the 2018 conference, click here.

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“It's a jewel of a conference – several days of eating, breathing, and sleeping poetry in one of the loveliest spots on the East Coast,” said Able Muse Book Award winner Melissa Balmain, who will lead a three-day workshop.

“I love how diverse the attendees are, and how even the most famous poets there seem to care very little about hierarchy,” Balmain said. “Last year I was chatting with this funny, friendly woman at one of the cocktail receptions, and it took me a couple moments to realize, holy cats, she's (former U.S. Poet Laureate) Rita Dove.”

Poetry by the Sea offers three-, two-, and one-day packages. Click here to see the list of 2019 faculty.
“Poetry by the Sea is a significant event because it is a conference where writers gather to be in each other's company in service to an art,” said Michael Shewmaker, the Jones Lecturer in Poetry at Stanford University. Shewmaker has attended Poetry by the Sea as a participant, reader and faculty. “There is space for everyone – beginners and experts alike.
“As someone who grew up largely without that sort of community, it is truly a gift.”

Rooms at the Mercy by the Sea Center are limited, but there are a variety of housing options available nearby, including bed & breakfasts and hotels.

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