Alen Lal, Lead Business Communications Specialist, Wins Best of LA Award- “Best Business Communications Company – 2020”

Answer Communications Inc.

Best of LA Award

"We're honored to include Alen Lal and his company, Answer Communications Inc., into our BoLAA family.” ~Aurora DeRose

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — Alen Lal, lead business communications specialist, and his company, Answer Communications Inc., wins Best of Los Angeles Award- “Best Business Communications Company – 2020”, according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community.

The “Best of Los Angeles Award” community was formed five years ago and consists of over 6,400 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places and things in Los Angeles with a slogan “No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best.”

“The mission of the community is to celebrate the best of Los Angeles and allow its community members to connect with other members who share the highest standards of quality and integrity,” expresses DeRose. "We're honored to include Alen Lal and Answer Communications Inc. into our BoLAA family.”

Answer Communications Inc. is your total service and solution provider for all of your business communications needs. They have the most qualified and helpful support people in the industry. Their service covers everything from helping you design the right phone system for your business to coordinating services with your long-distance provider.

Answer Communications Inc. since 1992 prides itself on being a value-price provider of high-quality computer systems and services, partnering with their customers to achieve that goal. Answer Communications has spent almost a decade designing ways to lower the cost of high-quality service. “We will provide our customers with the best value for their communications systems dollar, using only quality products, relying on our experience and commitment to excellence to achieve this goal,” states Answer Communications Inc.

Services they provide include phone systems and surveillance. They have the most qualified and helpful support people in the industry. “Our service covers everything from helping you design the right phone system for your business to coordinating services with your long-distance provider,” states Answer Communications Inc. Surveillance installation includes complete surveillance DVR and NVR systems, in addition to access and remote playback through the HikConnect app and client software, designed to suit peoples needs.

Answer Communications Inc:

Tel: +1 310 204 0801
Toll Free: +1 800 340 0056

Aurora DeRose
Michael Levine Media
+1 951-870-0099
email us here

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Mental Health Watchdog Keeps Service Open for Consumers to Report Abuse & Fraud

With $1.7 billion allocated to mental health programs in response to COVID-19 fears and concerns, CCHR anticipates increase in telepsychiatry fraud and abuse. It offers tips for consumers on detecting online scams and avoiding psychotropic drug risks.

With $1.7 billion allocated to mental health programs in response to COVID-19 fears and concerns, CCHR anticipates increase in telepsychiatry fraud and abuse. It offers tips for consumers on detecting online scams and avoiding psychotropic drug risks.

With $1.7 billion allocated to mental health programs in response to COVID-19 fears and concerns, CCHR anticipates increase in telepsychiatry fraud and abuse.

CCHR urges people to use its service and report abuse and to access its psychiatric drugs side effects database to become better informed about these drugs risks.”

— CCHR International

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — Staff at Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, while operating remotely from their homes during the Coronavirus pandemic, is still servicing patients that are experiencing, and need to report, abuse in the mental health system. CCHR is increasing its oversight of the industry in light of the recent federal stimulus package that has allocated $425 million for mental health services and an additional $1.32 billion for community mental health centers (CMHCs).[1]

CCHR is very mindful of the fears and uncertainties that many are facing with the COVID-19 crisis and the need to communicate those concerns with someone. However, it says that, in what it thinks is an altruistic, but misguided action, the Federal government has loosened the regulations surrounding “telepsychiatry” (also known as digital psychiatry) to access psychiatric treatment via the Internet. While psychiatrists and psychologists were limited to practicing telepsychiatry in rural areas in their own state, a special waiver will now allow them to treat across the entire nation.[2] A psychiatrist could hold a group therapy session with patients in five different states.[3]

“It is wide open to abuse,” Jan Eastgate, President of CCHR says. A recent American Psychiatric Association survey of 1,004 Americans deduced that over 40% of the nation is anxious about dying or becoming seriously ill from COVID-19, which CCHR says could send consumers thinking they need online “telepsychiatry” services, running the risk of being prescribed mind-altering drugs.

One incentive is that psychiatrists would get paid the same rate as they do for seeing a patient in person. Telepsychiatry averages $68 and $107, whereas an in-person consultation can be up to $500.

Another waiver allows them to prescribe controlled substances (highly addictive psychotropic drugs) via the Internet. The drugs come with serious risks and side effects.[4]

This makes oversight of telepsychiatry fraud and prescription abuse difficult. In a national survey of 48 state medical boards the most common physician violations online were inappropriate patient communication online, e.g., sexual misconduct, and prescribing without an established clinical relationship.[5]

The psychiatric invented disorder, “health-” or “illness anxiety” is already seeping into COVID-19 nomenclature, described as an irrational and obsessive worry with having a serious medical condition. It is allegedly marked by a person’s imagination of physical symptoms of illness. Like all mental disorders listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-5), experts do not know the exact causes, according to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.[6]

Psychiatrist Alan Frances, former head of the DSM-IV Task Force wrote, “Adding to the woes of the medically ill could be one of the biggest problems caused by DSM5. It will do this in two ways: 1) by encouraging a quick jump to the erroneous conclusion that someone’s physical symptoms are ‘all in the head’; and 2) by mislabeling as mental disorders what are really just the normal emotional reactions that people understandably have in response to a medical illness.”[7]

Eastgate says that while CCHR supports the need for more funded healthcare, in the mental health field, this could be a recipe for greed and fraud. The Justice Department has already needed to crack down on telehealth fraud.[8] Last year, five telemedicine companies were criminally charged over fraud schemes involving more than $1.2 billion in losses.[9]

Medical Guardian advises on how to spot a telemedicine scam.

1. They ONLY suggest talking to you virtually.

2. They reassure you that your health insurance will cover the payments.

3. A big red flag for Medicare fraud is any type of physician who will write you a prescription for pharmaceuticals without meeting with you in person first.[10] While meeting in person is waived under new regulations because of COVID-19, CCHR says to be alert to multiple “psychotropic drug prescriptions” as a potential sign of fraud.

Investment into mental health technology has already boomed, reaching $769 million in 2019. Research shows an almost five-fold increase in mental health tech investment in the last six years, rising from $200.9 million in 2014.[11]

The American Medical Association (AMA) reports that according to one study, younger children are good prospects for telepsychiatry as they appear to be less inhibited when using it and those with significant behavior and conduct problems may be more “expressive” in that venue.[12] CCHR says America has more than 6.7 million children and adolescents already taking psychotropic drugs,[13] which telepsychiatry will only add to. UK health advocate, Suzy Chapman, who closely monitored every step in the development of DSM-5, wrote about health anxiety: “These are inherently unreliable and untrustworthy judgments that will open the floodgates to the overdiagnosis of mental disorder and promote the missed diagnosis of medical disorder.”[14]

CCHR urges people to use its service and report abuse and to access its psychiatric drugs side effects database to become better informed about these drugs risks, especially when taken during a time we need to remain alert.

CCHR is the mental health watchdog responsible for more than 180 laws that now protect patients from damaging practices. DONATE to support its work here:


[1] “APA Praises Mental Health Provisions in COVID-19 Stimulus Aid Package,” APA release, 27 Mar. 2020,
[2] “COVID-19: Dramatic Changes to Telepsychiatry Rules and Regs,” Medscape, 26 Mar. 2020,
[3] Daphne C. Ferrer, MD and Peter M. Yellowlees, MBBS, MD, “Telepsychiatry: Licensing and Professional Boundary Concerns,” AMA Journal of Ethics, Jun 2012,
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[11] “Global investment in mental health technology surges above half a billion pounds,” Mobile Health News, 3 Feb. 2020,
[12] Op. cit., AMA Journal of Ethics,
[14] Op. cit., Psychology Today,

Amber Rauscher
Citizens Commission on Human Rights
+1 323-467-4242
email us here
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Amphenol Custom Cable Introduces RF Cable Assemblies Into Digi-Key Electronics

Limited selection of standard fixed length RF cable assemblies now available to customers through Digi-Key’s online distribution channel.

Amphenol (NYSE:APH)

DANBURY, CT, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — Amphenol Custom Cable (ACC) is proud to announce the introduction of a select variety of standard length cable assemblies into Digi-Key Electronics. These cable configurations feature high quality Amphenol RF connectors and offer customers an assortment of options that are ideal for applications such as IoT, medical, drone and RFID technology.

RF connector configurations that are included in this initial offering include BNC straight and right angle plugs, straight and bulkhead jacks. In addition, SMA straight and right angle plugs, straight and bulkhead jacks. Reverse polarity options are also available. These configurations are designed for RG-58, RG-174, RG-216, RG-142 and LMR-240. All cable assemblies currently offered operate at 50 ohm.

Custom RF cable assemblies are available through QuickBuild RF™, a partnership between ACC and Amphenol RF. This easy to use online interface allows engineers to design custom assemblies, selecting from a broad portfolio of connector and cable options. These cable assemblies are manufactured, tested and shipped worldwide within 48 hours.

About Amphenol Custom Cable
Custom Cable, LLC was acquired in June 2016 by Amphenol, a world leading provider of interconnect solutions for the information, communications and commercial electronics markets. Amphenol Custom Cable (AAC) is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic, copper and radio frequency (RF) cable assemblies used in the development of next-generation technologies. As a supply chain partner, ACC has innovative tools that bring procurement, standards, engineering, and deployment teams together while reducing response time, lead times, and increasing customer satisfaction. The company is headquartered in our 37,600-square-foot, TL9000-certified facility in Tampa, Fla. Markets for our products include: telecommunication, medical devices, Mil-Aero, industrial, autonomous vehicles and IoT.

About Amphenol RF
Amphenol RF is a leading manufacturer of coaxial connectors for use in radio frequency, microwave, and data transmission system applications. Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, USA, Amphenol RF has global sales, marketing and manufacturing locations in North America, Asia and Europe. Standard products include RF connectors, coaxial adapters and RF cable assemblies. Custom engineered products include: multi-port ganged interconnect, blind mate and hybrid mixed-signal solutions.

Lindsay Sperling – Marketing Communications Manager
Amphenol RF
+1 203-796-2034
email us here
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axle ai 2020 – New product makes remote video work, transcription and tagging easy

axle ai 2020 includes AI-driven speech transcription and remote browser access

axle ai 2020 includes AI-driven speech transcription and remote browser access

axle ai logo - radically simple video search with remote browser access

axle ai logo – radically simple video search with remote browser access

ai Promo Video - radically simple video search with remote browser access

axle ai Promo Video – radically simple video search with remote browser access

Powerful new software offers remote browser access to high-res video, now with low monthly pricing

Our 2020 release brings huge value to video teams who need remote workflows immediately, right out of the box. You can browse, search, tag and transcribe your high-res material from wherever you are.”

— Sam Bogoch, CEO, axle ai

BOSTON, MA, USA, March 31, 2020 / — axle ai, the leader in radically simple video search software, is announcing immediate availability of its flagship axle ai 2020 product for media teams. The software addresses four major needs in the market:

1. Integrated remote access. Axle’s software has always been browser-based; however, many of its customers have chosen to use its video search and Premiere integration features on premise. The 2020 release offers native remote access, to accommodate the huge shift in workforce location as a result of COVID-19.

2. Affordable monthly subscription pricing model. Depending on configuration, axle ai 2020 is priced from $199 per month up to $999 per month, which can include subscription-based automated transcripts of video using the axle Speech transcription engine. Previously, axle ai licenses entailed the up-front purchase of a software license, a model the company will continue to make available.

3. Integration with Adobe’s industry-leading Premiere Pro CC application, which now supports both
transcript-aware timeline editing and seamless relinking of high-resolution media based on preliminary edits performed with axle ai’s proxy media.

4. Robust, high-speed file transfer to and from the axle ai 2020 server for the remote workforce, now included with each installation.

Sam Bogoch, axle ai's CEO, said "Our 2020 release brings a huge amount of value to video teams who need remote workflows immediately, right out of the box. Being able to browse, search, tag and transcribe your high-res material from wherever you are is a huge advantage over legacy video solutions, which often only work locally." The product lets media teams, broadcasters, post-production houses, and corporations take immediate advantage of axle ai’s remote browser and file transfer capabilities. Newly-distributed media workforces can now access all their content – even 4K and 8K footage – remotely using standard web browsers. Axle ai 2020 does this by making low-resolution H.264 proxies of all video files, which are playable in any standard web browser; it also generates browsable proxies of audio files, image files and PDFs.

Axle ai 2020 offers a number of high-end capabilities as software modules, including native processing of RED’s R3D file format, archiving to a range of cloud and tape back ends including Amazon S3, BackBlaze, MS Azure and Wasabi, Archiware P5, XenData, Front Porch DIVA, and StorageDNA. The system can also be used with a number of video capture/ingest solutions such as Softron’s MovieRecorder, Cinedeck, and MOG. Like the core axle 2020 software, these can now be priced either as one-time purchases or as part of a SaaS subscripton.

More than 600 global media organizations already rely on axle ai 2019 media management software for comprehensive video search, AI-driven tagging and workflow automation, letting them automatically tag, transcribe, search and repurpose their content, from small media libraries to large collections at petabyte scale. Unlike nearly every other media management solution and especially legacy MAMs, axle’s radically simple approach lets its customers simply turn on the software and immediately scan their existing volumes, folders and working file formats. Media are displayed within a browser interface that works across Macs, PCs, iOS, Android and axle’s integrated panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

axle ai ( is the recognized leader in developing radically simple media management software. It solutions have helped over 600 media organizations improve the way they create, share and store digital video content with media management solutions that are easy to install, use and afford. axle’s radically simple media management uniquely addresses a burgeoning need and has caught on rapidly among video professionals in post-production, education, broadcast, corporate, sports, house of worship, non-profit, advertising-marketing, and government organizations worldwide. At its introduction, axle’s software was recognized with the IBC 2012 Best of Show award and at NAB 2013 with the prestigious DV Magazine Black Diamond and Post Picks awards. axle ai’s recently introduced connectr™ software offers a powerful tool for scripting media workflows, driven by a graphical front end with connect-the-blocks visualization. axle ai, Inc. is a privately held company; its founders have extensive industry experience in media asset management for creative applications. Investors include Jason Calacanis’s LAUNCH accelerator (also a customer) and Quake Capital. Learn more at; equity crowdfunding at

Katy Scott
axle ai, Inc.
+1 617-262-9222
email us here

axle ai 2020 software makes it radically simple to access your media remotely, with built-in search, tagging and transcription

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BCI Offers Virtual Courseware Pay-It-Forward Package

Virtual Master Pass BOGO

Baker Communications announces unlimited access to 7 virtual public workshops & 12 self-paced e-learning courses until end of year with a pay-it-forward option

We really hope that people will offer the gifted passes to the right people, such as returning military, veterans, and unemployed individuals in this time of need.”

— Joe DiDonato | BCI Chief of Staff

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2020 / — In keeping with the rapid shift in travel and work habits, BCI announced a Virtual Master Pass. This Master Pass bundles 7 virtual, instructor-led workshops and 12 e-learning courses into an “all you can eat” solution that can be accessed from home or office.

Over the past 17 years, the company said that it has perfected the art and science of delivering highly interactive instructor-led virtual workshops. Those virtual workshops provide an average of 70% virtual activity and 30% virtual instruction. According to the company, that combination accelerates learning, maintains high participant engagement, and eliminates boredom.

To provide immediate value to the community, the company discounted the package by over 90%, and then went a step further. Knowing that a lot of people have been displaced by the Covid-19 pandemic, for the next three months the company said it would allow anyone who purchased the new Virtual Master Pass, to give the same package to a friend – that they designate – who is undergoing career displacement.

"We really hope that people will offer the gifted passes to the right people, such as returning military, veterans, and unemployed individuals in this time of need," said Joe DiDonato, BCI's Chief of Staff. He went on to say that the special pricing will provide unlimited access to these courses throughout the remainder of 2020.

Titles for the various offerings are shown below.

Access to 7 public instructor-led virtual classes:

– Virtual Customer Outcome Selling
– Virtual Exceptional Presentations Skills
– Virtual Win-Win Negotiations
– Virtual Exceptional Management Skills
– Virtual Telephone Selling Skills
– Virtual Customer Service Skills
– Virtual Time Management Skills

12 award-winning self-paced e-learning courses:

– Customer Outcome Selling
– Exceptional Presentations
– Pathways to Growth
– Win Win Negotiations
– Conflict Resolution
– Crisis Management
– Emotional Intelligence
– Handling a Difficult Customer
– Leadership and Influence
– Managing Workplace Anxiety
– Proposal Writing
– Telework And Telecommuting

The company felt that these were the most important titles to package together for this new Master Pass. The price for the package has now been reduced to $799 for access throughout the remainder of this calendar year. To find out more information, visit or email


As one of America's most established corporate training companies, Baker Communications has helped over 1.5 million professionals reach maximum performance since 1979. Globally recognized companies and government agencies, including ExxonMobil, Amazon, SAP and Ingersoll Rand depend on BCI to equip their employees with skills to increase market share and produce immediate results. Baker creates and delivers customized targeted practice-driven pathways that produce rapid, measurable results. Baker Communications' solutions have been utilized and delivered worldwide, throughout Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.
BCI offers a full range of options for learners. These options include our proprietary and custom virtual workshops, as well as a full line of technology that provides advanced insights into each seller, a Sales Mastery online video library, voice and ambient computing learning technologies, and other new learning reinforcement applications under development. Visit

Joe DiDonato
Baker Communications, Inc.
+1 805-823-3552
email us here
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Trailer for Exceptional Presentation Course

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New All-in-one Platform For Work-from-homers

Infince Lets Companies Equip Employees To Work Remotely In Minutes

Fingent’s experience using InfinCE to maintain our own operational effectiveness despite a rapid transition to remote working was such a success that we thought it’s important to share it.”

— Stephen Cummings, Senior Vice President, Fingent

WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2020 / — InfinCE Lets Companies Equip Employees To Work Remotely In Minutes

There is a new product that promises to help the many companies forced to close their offices and send their workers home to work due to Covid-19. Many of these companies have not had to operate with primarily remote workers, nor have many employees – or their IT departments – had to navigate the many technology tools available that might help them. Online software from Fingent, called InfinCE, originally developed to serve early-stage companies, offers a compelling new value proposition for these times. With InfinCE, in just minutes, all employees of a company can be equipped with a full complement of collaboration tools. Then, after a single login, an employee can access video meetings, file sharing, office software, and even a company-specific mobile app. Employees can post all kinds of information on shared “dashboards” in a variety of formats using “smart tiles.”

Fingent, the developer of InfinCE, is a global company, with offices in 4 countries. Amazingly, when all their offices were abruptly mandated to close, their 400 employees were able to keep working from home – including video meetings – with colleagues and clients, productively and without disruption.

“We couldn’t have made that kind of transition so quickly and painlessly if we had to roll out InfinCE’s collaboration capabilities individually by employing separately provided options from different companies.”
Dileep Jacob, Head of Global Delivery, Fingent.

A nice thing about the InfinCE solution is it doesn’t require that a company equip their employees with any special equipment. Employees can use any device they might have at hand: computer, tablet, or smartphone, to access their collaboration tools and virtual desktop, as long as they have access to the internet. That can make work from home quick to achieve and a much less expensive option for both company and employee.

Everyone is concerned about security of their infrastructure. Privacy issues regarding sharing of personal information that surround many of the collaboration tools like those from Zoom and Google don’t exist for InfinCE, because InfinCE delivers its capabilities individually to clients as part of their own private cloud network.

About InfinCE

InfinCE ( integrates private cloud technology with all-in-one collaboration tools optimized for today’s business. It can be deployed quickly and economically, at a starting cost as low as $5 per month per user.

About Fingent
Fingent ( develops custom software to enable our clients to operate more effectively, more efficiently, and with more resiliency. Since 2003, Fingent has developed web and mobile software solutions that have been key to our clients' business success. Fingent is the proud developer of InfinCE.

Contact: Stephen Cummings (914) 615-9160

+1 914-615-9160
email us here
Stephen Cummings

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nandbox App Builder in COVID-19 Global Online Hackathon: Together We Are Challenging The Pandemic

nandbox app builder in COVID-19 Hackathon

nandbox: Buildforcovid mobile apps for schools, businesses, and communities

#BuildforCOVID19: Use nandbox App Builder for free for the next three months

#BuildforCOVID19: Together we can!

No code, No host, No upfront payment needed: nandbox App Builder

nandbox: Build Your Own Mobile App in Minutes!

nandbox enables full, free, premium access to its App Builder to build mobile apps bridging the communication gaps happening after the Coronavirus outbreak.

We are offering our full solution as an accelerator that tackles social distancing amid quarantine by creating high-quality mobile apps instantly for everyone – whether a techie pro or a newbie”

— Hazem Maguid, Nandbox Founder and CEO

OTTAWA , ONTARIO, CANADA, March 30, 2020 / — In light of the global Coronavirus pandemic, developers and innovators worldwide are now taking part in COVID-19 Global Online Hackathon. Hand in hand under the hashtag #BuildforCOVID19, they are crafting solutions and giving inspirations to help in addressing the crisis. The nandbox team is also on board taking part in the challenge. The Canadian nandbox is now supporting businesses and communities to keep connected but even thrive via mobile apps while challenging the pandemic.

With its no-code App builder, nandbox is empowering innovators to create their own mobile applications instantly. Whether for a techie pro or newbie, the nandbox Builder is designed to build genuine native mobile apps in minutes with simple drag-and-drop.

“The Global Online Hackathon is a great opportunity to contribute to addressing the COVID-19 crisis head-on,” says Hazem Maguid, CEO and Founder of nandbox. “We are offering our full solution as an accelerator that tackles social distancing amid quarantine by creating high-quality mobile apps as fast as possible” he adds.

No coding, no hosting, and no upfront payment needed. The nandbox apps are natively coded for both, Android and iOS. That’s in addition to being ready-hosted with high capabilities. nandbox-built-apps can run dozens of features seamlessly – matching leading apps’ performance.

nandbox pledges to bridge the communication gaps in the time of Corona

For education, entertainment, business, or community-building apps, nandbox strives to bridge the communication gaps. Especially, in the time of Coronavirus where quarantine and social distancing actions are dominating the global scene.

In this context, nandbox enables free, full premium access to all participants in the COVID-19 Global Online Hackathon, for the next three months. With the promo code COVID19GH – which is valid till the end of April – subscribers can build mobile apps of unlimited users, bandwidth, and storage.

A simple walkthrough is available in this video to get familiar with nandbox Builder. Also, the nandbox team is available at to receive queries and help users across the platform. Special configurations or customizations are also possible for the teams to deploy if required within a set time-frame, even if not enabled for the public.

The pandemic outbreak is a difficult time that each family, business, and community are now going through. “However, this Global Hackathon has shown us a glimpse of hope – the hope that we are building together now. The hope that is born by being together, fighting the same enemy, and willing to come back, smarter and stronger than ever before,” Hazem Maguid states.

Noha Hussein Ahmed
+20 101 004 3188
email us here
Visit us on social media:

How to Make a Mobile App in Five Steps with nandbox Mobile App Builder

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The largest event for CI professionals in the Nordics is re-engineered to become Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, March 30, 2020 / — IntelliSummit™ 2020, the largest event for competitive & market intelligence professionals and trend spotters in the Nordics is re-engineered to become Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020, with interactive webinars throughout the spring and a networking meeting to follow later this year.

In no time, the coronavirus has come to paralyze large parts of humanity. The future is uncertain. The questions are many. At the same time, there are signs of innovation and a will to fight the virus. People are working from home, exploring how to make the best of digital meeting tools and virtual communication. We don’t cancel – we re-engineer!

IntelliSummit™ is since long established as the largest event for competitive & market intelligence professionals and trend spotters in the Nordics. The event has three purposes; participants should learn something new, get inspired to do new things network with peers. IntelliSummit™ is something as rare as a community where the crowd often is more experienced and knowledgeable than the presenter on stage. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is stopping us from conducting the IntelliSummit™ as planned April 1-3. However, as stated, we don’t cancel, we re-engineer and are happy to introduce Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020!

Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020 becomes the first completely virtual event that focuses on competitive & market intelligence and trend spotting. Instead of three days the event will run throughout the whole spring, providing interactive webinars, a live streamed panel debate and a networking event in Stockholm, Sweden later this year.

The theme this year is ”Responding to Change – Intelligence Best-Practices for the Future”. The moderator for the event is Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor at Comintelli AB. Ingemar is a passionate competitive intelligence professional and experienced speaker. Ingemar is a former Director of Competitive Intelligence at Ericsson AB and prominent member of Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) Nordic & Baltic Chapter. He was certified competitive intelligence professional (CIP-II) by the Academy of Competitive Intelligence.

”Right now, when there is so much uncertainty, it is key for people working with market and trend analysis to gather and discuss as many insights as possible. What does the future hold for Retail? How do I optimize my strategy? What will the role of MI/CI be post-CoVID-19? And several other things. Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020 is a great opportunity to do just that! In this virtual version, participants will gain access to very experienced industry colleagues and their insights, throughout the spring. All participants get access to a site where we post all content. After the summer, when it is safe, we meet somewhere in Stockholm for a fun and inspiring networking event”
-Ingemar Svensson, Moderator of Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020

Agenda for Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020

• April 1, 16:00-17:00 CET: ”The Intelligence Funnel” – an interactive live webinar on The Intelligence Funnel, with Luis Madureira, Managing Partner, ÜBERBRANDS. Moderated by Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor Comintelli AB.
• April 2, 16:00-17:00 CET: “Competitive & Market Intelligence in the Post-Covid19 world”. Live streamed panel discussion with Jesper Martell, CEO Comintelli AB, Johan Wiktorin, Certif. Master of CI and Managing Partner, Intil Group and Johan Hammarlund, Collaborative Foresight Advisor, Kairos Future. Moderated by Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor Comintelli AB.
• April 14, 16:00-17:00: ”Disruptions in the Retail and Consumer markets” – an interactive live webinar with Jeffrey Mansfield, Senior Vice President, Proactive Worldwide Inc. Moderated by Ingemar Svensson, Senior Advisor Comintelli AB.
• Several other interactive events and webinars are being planned and will be announced on an ongoing basis.

For the complete agenda, see:

All content is recorded and will be made available for only 99€, together with all presentations from previous IntelliSummits at .

Welcome to Virtual IntelliSummit™ 2020!

For more information, please contact:
Ingemar Svensson
Senior Advisor, Comintelli
Mobile: +46 761 441307

Ingemar Svensson
+46 761 441307
email us here

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Smart Stadium Market To Reach USD 17.74 Billion By 2026

Smart Stadium Market

Smart Stadium Market

Reports and Data

Reports and Data

Smart Stadium Market Size – USD 4.31 Billion in 2018, Smart Stadium Market Growth – CAGR of 19.3%

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2020 / — The global smart stadium market is forecast to reach USD 17.74 Billion by 2026, according to a new report by Reports and Data. With advancements in home entertainment systems, and updates being available on mobile devices, stadium operators are experiencing a challenge in providing audiences with a captivating experience and maintain their profit. The solution to this issue is a smart stadium. There are various benefits associated with this type of stadiums that are supporting the growth of the market. One of the mentionable benefits is these stadiums provide audiences with valuable information such as seat up-gradation, parking availability, the bathroom's length and concession lines, and special offers. These benefits help fans receiving personalized experience, convenience and enjoy shorter lines. They can also receive detailed directions to navigate crowded stadiums. The presence of these benefits acts as a contributing factor in attracting a larger crowd.

Click to get a SAMPLE PDF (Including Full TOC, Table & Figures) @

This type of stadiums is also effective in catering to the changing demands of audiences. An elevated demand for digital connectedness and convenience can be observed among fans, which can be effectively catered by smart stadiums. These stadiums provide fans with benefits like fast internet connections, hassle-free entry, and exit to the stadium. The presence of these benefits would result in increased footfall in these stadiums and the associated growth of the market.

In regards to region, North America occupies a dominant market position. The market position held by the region is attributed to the continuous development of the IoT devices & systems, the region being an early adopter of new technologies and occurrence of major sports events like US Open Tennis, Super Bowl, and NBA All-Star Game among others, which holds significant opportunities for further expansion of the market in this region.

Further key findings from the report suggest

• The smart stadium market held a market share of USD 4.31 Billion in the year 2018 and forecasted to grow at a rate of 19.3% during the forecast period.
• In regards to Component, the Software segment generated a higher revenue of USD 2.67 Billion in 2018, with a growth rate of 18.8% during the forecast period. The elevated emphasis on video & audio management, video surveillance, and cybersecurity, among others, on the part of stadium operators, contributes to the market share occupied by this segment. Furthermore, rising demand for connectedness among fans and associated increasing relevance of software like network-controlling software in the operation of these stadiums also contributes to the market dominance of the software segment. It helps in detecting the access point with which the audience's mobile is connected and using Wi-Fi protocol instruct the phone which network to connect, thus resolving the issue of connectivity.
• In context to Deployment, the On-premises segment yielded the highest revenue of USD 2.59 Billion in 2018, with a CAGR of 18.8% during the forecast period. The revenue generated by the On-premises segment is resultant of high dependency of the functioning of these stadiums on a large number of sensors, cameras, and digital signs and installation of these hardware on-premise of the stadium.
• In regards to the Application, the Stadium and Public Security segment can be seen to occupy the largest market share of 30.0% in 2018, with a growth rate of 19.3% during the forecast period. Factors like the presence of a various public safety regulations that are to be abided by stadium operators, increasing instances of terrorist attacks and areas with large number of audience being a soft target for terrorism contributes to the market share occupied by the Stadium and Public Security segment.
• In context to region, Asia Pacific is projected to witness the fastest growth rate of 20.8% during the forecast period, which is expected to occupy the second-largest market share of 26.5% by 2026. The fact that, this region is going to be the host of significant events like rugby world cup, Olympics & T20 world cup and use of smart technologies by sports organizations of the region like Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to host major tournaments, are supporting the market growth in this region.
• Key participants include Intel Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cisco Systems, Huawei Technologies, NEC, Infosys, IBM Corporation, Johnson Controls International PLC, Honeywell International Inc., and Schneider Electric SE.

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For the purpose of this report, Reports and Data have segmented the global smart stadium market based on Component, Deployment, Application, and region:

Component Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2016-2026)
• Services
• Software

Deployment Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2016-2026)
• On-premises
• Cloud
• Hybrid

Application Type Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2016-2026)
• Stadium and Public Security
• Digital Content Management
• Event management
• Building Automation Management
• Network management
• Crowd management
• Others

Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Billion; 2016-2026)
• North America
o U.S
• Europe
o U.K
o France
• Asia Pacific
o China
o India
o Japan
• Latin America
o Brazil

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5G Technology Market 2020, Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast – 2025

A New Market Study, titled “5G Technology Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on WiseGuyReports.

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, March 30, 2020 / — Summary

A New Market Study, titled “5G Technology Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on WiseGuyReports.

This report provides in depth study of “5G Technology Market” using SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat to the organization. The 5G Technology Market report also provides an in-depth survey of key players in the market which is based on the various objectives of an organization such as profiling, the product outline, the quantity of production, required raw material, and the financial health of the organization.

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This market report offers a comprehensive analysis of the global 5G Technology market. This report focused on 5G Technology market past and present growth globally. Global research on Global 5G Technology Industry presents a market overview, product details, classification, market concentration, and maturity study. The market value and growth rate from 2019-2025 along with industry size estimates are explained.

The latest advancements in 5G Technology industry and changing market dynamics are key driving factors to depict tremendous growth. Also, the risk factors which will have a significant impact on the Global 5G Technology industry in the coming years are listed in this report. The revenue-generating 5G Technology types, applications, and key regions are evaluated. Top growing regions and 5G Technology industry presence cover Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East, African countries and South America. This 5G Technology business study also analyzes the top countries in these regions with their market potential.

Key manufacturers are included based on company profile, sales data and product specifications etc.:
Huawei Technologies
Verizon Communications
Nokia Networks
Deutsche Telecom

The main contents of the report including:
Global market size and forecast
Regional market size, production data and export & import
Key manufacturers profile, products & services, sales data of business
Global market size by Major End-Use
Global market size by Major Type

Major applications as follows:
Retail sector
Government and utilities
Healthcare sector
Defense and military
Individual users
Major Type as follows:
HSPA (high speed package access)
RAT (radio access technologies)
GSM (global system for mobile)
WiMAX (worldwide interoperability for microwave access)
Regional market size, production data and export & import:
North America
South America
Middle East & Africa

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Major Key Points in Table of Content

1 Global Market Overview
1.1 Scope of Statistics
1.1.1 Scope of Products
1.1.2 Scope of Manufacturers
1.1.3 Scope of End-Use
1.1.4 Scope of Product Type
1.1.5 Scope of Regions/Countries
1.2 Global Market Size

2 Regional Market
2.1 Regional Sales
2.2 Regional Demand
2.3 Regional Trade

3 Key Manufacturers
3.1 AT&T
3.1.1 Company Information
3.1.2 Product & Services
3.1.3 Business Data (Sales Revenue, Cost and Margin)
3.1.4 Recent Development
3.2 Alcatel-Lucent
3.2.1 Company Information
3.2.2 Product & Services
3.2.3 Business Data (Sales Revenue, Cost and Margin)
3.2.4 Recent Development
3.3 Telefonica
3.3.1 Company Information
3.3.2 Product & Services
3.3.3 Business Data (Sales Revenue, Cost and Margin)
3.3.4 Recent Development
3.4 Orange
3.4.1 Company Information
3.4.2 Product & Services
3.4.3 Business Data (Sales Revenue, Cost and Margin)
3.4.4 Recent Development
3.5 Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
3.5.1 Company Information
3.5.2 Product & Services
3.5.3 Business Data (Sales Revenue, Cost and Margin)
3.5.4 Recent Development
3.6 Qualcomm
3.6.1 Company Information
3.6.2 Product & Services
3.6.3 Business Data (Sales Revenue, Cost and Margin)
3.6.4 Recent Development
3.7 Huawei Technologies
3.7.1 Company Information
3.7.2 Product & Services
3.7.3 Business Data (Sales Revenue, Cost and Margin)
3.7.4 Recent Development
3.8 Ericsson
3.8.1 Company Information
3.8.2 Product & Services
3.8.3 Business Data (Sales Revenue, Cost and Margin)
3.8.4 Recent Development
3.9 Verizon Communications
3.9.1 Company Information
3.9.2 Product & Services
3.9.3 Business Data (Sales Revenue, Cost and Margin)
3.9.4 Recent Development
3.10 Nokia Networks
3.10.1 Company Information
3.10.2 Product & Services
3.10.3 Business Data (Sales Revenue, Cost and Margin)
3.10.4 Recent Development
3.11 Deutsche Telecom
3.12 NTT DoCoMo
3.13 Samsung


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