Drs. On Calls Announces Global Medical Solutions Amid COVID-19

Drs. On Calls

Drs. On Calls

Drs. On Calls Telemedicine Platform

Drs. On Calls Telemedicine Platform

Telemedicine is expanding its influence to help those with medical needs during the growing pandemic.

Quality medical aid and services have always been a challenge for thousands of people in the U.S. We decided that this basic need should become a resource available to any person from any income level”

— Mary Gorder, Founder and President

TAMPA, FLORIDA, US, June 26, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The telemedicine company, Drs. On Calls has now become a leader in the race for providing safe and quality medical aid services to millions of Americans amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. Patients and customers will now be able to receive professional medical services in the comfort of their homes via online or mobile communication.

Founder and president of the company, Mary Gorder has succeeded to offer better, secure, and modern medical services to thousands of people via her telemedicine company, Drs. On Calls. The company has sought out to become a leader in the world of telemedicine, aiming to help individuals struggling to find viable and affordable medical help in America. Drs. On Calls has been growing its influence over the last few years, and as the global pandemic ceased to be stopped in its tracks and with the rise in unemployment with no medical coverage, the company is offering FREE consultation to patients first appointment. “Quality medical aid and services have always been a challenge for thousands of people in the U.S. We simply decided that this basic need should become a resource available to any person, from any income level,” says Gorder.

Drs. On Calls was formed on the basis to help those seeking medical aid, and health services, but who are unable to afford it. While millions of Americans are without medical insurance, and unable to afford the proper care services, Drs. On Calls has now become the leading and trusted telemedicine provider.
With the infection rates still on the steep end, hospitals and medical staff are becoming overwhelmed with the increase in demand. Drs. On Calls with years of medical experience and expertise, offers the services via computer, phone calls or mobile app.

The team at Drs. On Calls boasts professional and dedicated physicians, enabling customers or patients to make use of their expertise, ideas, and perspectives of hope – especially during these difficult times. “We want to offer solutions. Many insurance companies won’t easily cover basic checkups and procedures. The growing need for personalized health-care services makes us an option for any person, offering first-class care in the comfort of your home,” tells Gorder.

Their business has seen some challenges in the past, but this has eliminated burdens in the chain to link individuals with professional health-care services. Users can search for doctors in every specialty, compare rates, search for different languages they speak and location of their choice. This enables healthcare professionals to assist in a friendly, yet mobile way. As federal and state governments urge safe social distancing measures to help stop the spread of COVID-19, telemedicine can now become a practical answer.

The average cost of visiting a hospital, with or without medical insurance has been increasing faster than the professional income of individuals. In the U.S. it’s expected that citizens will easily pay more for pharmaceutical drugs and medical aid, as the federal government isn’t controlling costs. In other developed nations, government funding and regulatory intervention have managed to keep hospital visits and doctor consultations to a minimum, covering the high administration cost.

With their current market plan and strategy, Gorder and her team have now become the leading and trusted telemedicine provider and their efforts are growing each day. “The team at Drs. On Calls are all licensed and board-certified members, maintaining a high stature of medical professionalism during consultations, and becoming connected with the communities who need their services the most,” shares the president of the company.

Looser lockdown regulations have seen a significant spike in infections, while the federal government tries to keep stability throughout the nation, telemedicine will surely become an adaptation to the modern world. In many cases, some citizens who are more prone to the coronavirus, the elderly, and those with existing medical conditions will need to refrain from populated public areas. The use of these services will remain a beacon of support throughout the coming months.

Drs. On Calls aren’t looking to become the next big medical aid provider, but rather ensure that every person who uses their services can do so with financial comfortability. For more information about Drs. On Calls, visit their website.

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