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The Late Edward Henry

EH and family

Simplicity is Honesty

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — If you look back at the people who meant the most to you, who comes to mind? Is it someone you were close with, or someone you wasn’t always around, but they changed your life in the best way when they were? Did they lead you in the right direction without trying because that’s just the kind of person they were? Edward Henry, author of CTB – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling, had a person in his life who was the epitome of a leader, a man who helped him learn, grow, to lead others and live honestly.

Edward’s grandfather truly impacted his personal and professional life. Edward bases a great deal of how he started selling honest and creating CTB because of what he saw in his grandfather. Along with bringing many life lessons to the table, his grandfather’s character made him look back at himself and rethink whom he wanted to be. Sometimes the best people in your life don’t always impact you right away. It can take years or even one experience that brings you back to the person who was there all along.

“I used to say that my grandfather could walk in the door after getting hit by a car and sit down for supper. When asked how his day went, he would reply, ‘It was just fine.’ ” – Edward Henry in Chapter 16 of CTB – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling.

Edward’s grandfather was a simple man, and the key to him living with a positive mindset and straightforward life was honesty. The way he lived his life was the ultimate example of an honest individual who never cut any corners. Even after enlisting to join the Second World War, he always lived up to his promises and never changed who he was to please someone else. Without asking for anything in return, he was helpful, always there for his family, and didn’t have a selfish bone in his body.

“I explained to my staff how my grandfather was brilliant and could have done anything he wanted. Instead of going to university, he enlisted into the armed forces to fight in the Second World War, where he lost his hearing due to a friendly fire incident. He was always about taking care of his family and never had a selfish ambition. He kept his promises with a reputation of class, respect, honesty, and decency.” – Edward Henry in Chapter 4 of CTB – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling.

So what was next? Edward knew he wasn’t living up to his grandfather’s name the way he should’ve been. For most of his life, he was the complete opposite of his grandfather. As mentioned above, sometimes you realize how important someone is when you look back on how they lived their life and the positive influence on yours and think to yourself, “I need to change.” Edward adjusted how he did business and how he grew his relationships with those around him because of the example that his grandfather set for him. Edward’s business, Edward Henry Company, now focuses on cutting the bullsh*t (CTB) and selling honest. Selling honest is the most authentic way of defining yourself as a sales professional, and honesty will lead you through the life you were meant to live. “To my grandfather, the seeds that you have planted have finally grown.” You can download your copy of CTB – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling for free for a limited time by visiting: https://edwardhenry.ca/cut-the-bull/

Edward Henry Company
Edward Henry Company
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National Security Capital Advisors advises Tego Consulting, LLC on its sale to Kaizen Approach, Inc.

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — National Security Capital Advisors advises Tego Consulting, LLC on its sale to Kaizen Approach, Inc.

National Security Capital Advisors LLC (“NSCA”) is pleased to announce that it served as the exclusive financial advisor to Tego Consulting, LLC (“Tego”) in its sale to Kaizen Approach, Inc. (“Kaizen”).

Tego Consulting has supported the Intelligence Community exclusively for over 7 years and has an established reputation as experts in threat finance intelligence (FININT). Tego subject matter experts support its clients in analysis of financial transaction data, counter terrorism, counter proliferation, and counter narcotics. As an expert in sanctions enforcement and compliance support, Tego possesses a keen understanding of international economic and political policies related to financial and trade networks

Kaizen Approach, Inc. is a Maryland based leader in cybersecurity and workforce development, leveraging decades of experience supporting the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. Kaizen has technical expertise in Information Assurance, Cybersecurity Strategy, Implementation and Operations, Risk Mitigation and Human Performance Improvement. The acquisition of Tego adds to its service offerings which now includes delivering tailored actionable intelligence to its customers.

About National Security Capital Advisors
NSCA is a specialized investment bank focused exclusively on the optimized deployment of people and capital to projects of importance for National Security. NSCA combines the executive team’s decades of experience in this market segment with over 150 renowned industry Executive Affiliates and Executive Associates to assist us in deeply understanding our client’s business and needs.

Steve Horn
National Security Capital Advisors
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Steve Horn
National Security Capital Advisors
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email us here
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Go9tro Wireless LLC Introduces Advanced Bitcoin POS Merchant Services

The goal of the innovative crypto-funded company is to bring a more diverse group of people into the cryptocurrency space.

CASPER, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Go9tro Wireless LLC is staying true their goal of helping brick-and-mortar locations join the new world economy with the introduction of its Bitcoin POS Merchant Services.

Described as the “world’s first cryptocurrency internet service provider,” Go9tro Wireless LLC offers fast, secure mobile WiFi in over 137 countries worldwide, via patented virtual SIM technology, and has plans to continue delivering innovative technology-backed solutions to as many people as possible across the globe. In addition to its revolutionary solutions, the company’s customer-driven strategies are what set it apart from the competition – with zero hidden fees, no surprise data charges, and no SIM card swapping, just to name a few.

“Technological advancements have continued to deliver innovative solutions to enhance the lives of millions of people across the globe, as well as digital products and services to support businesses,” says Wes Rustin, founder of Go9tro Wireless LLC. “Blockchain technology and the world of cryptocurrency, for example, have disrupted different industries worldwide, but several industries are yet to leverage the features and benefits of the technology. Fortunately, our team at Go9tro Wireless LLC has ensured the case is different in the telecommunications industry, with our range of innovative services further substantiating this claim.”

Based on the company’s impressive data, Go9tro Wireless LLC is currently leading the way in offering solutions that seamlessly blend technology, telecom, and travel. One of the solutions that has launched the company to the top of line in the telecoms industry, for example, is its comprehensive BTC POS merchant services. These Bitcoin POS merchant services include retail payment POS and cryptocurrency unit, POS wireless license package, and the city developer POS package. These services are specifically designed to help more businesses reach their target audience with relative ease, leveraging the features of decentralization and universality of Bitcoin – and the entire cryptocurrency concept.

The crypto-funded company also recently launched its token to deliver the world’s first convergence of cryptocurrency economy and the internet of things.
For more information about the Bitcoin POS Merchant Services and other disruptive solutions from Go9tro Wireless LLC, please visit – https://www.go9trowireless.com/.

About Go9tro Wireless LLC

Go9tro Wireless LLC is one of the world’s fastest growing crypto-funded companies founded by forward-thinking entrepreneurs and globetrotters to create a solution for fellow travelers. The Wyoming-based company is at the intersection of technology, telecom, and travel – providing a fast, secure, reliable mobile internet connection while traveling abroad.

The company currently has a presence in more than 137 countries, delivering the last mile of mobile data on-demand through the best local networks for one flat rate, with plans to set up global distribution through E-commerce channels and over 500 global retail locations.

Wes Rustin
Go9tro Wireless LLC
+1 972-382-9109

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HoduSoft Announced SIP Trunking Module For ITSPs, ISPs, and Telecom Companies

HoduSoft one of the leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution providers globally, has announced the SIP Trunking module in HoduPBX.

AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA, April 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Having years of experience in the VoIP industry, HoduSoft has introduced various innovative products and solutions for business communication. The SIP trunking module is one of the best solutions introduced by HoduSoft for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecoms throughout the world. With the ability to support 1000+ simultaneous calls on a single server, HoduSoft’s SIP trunking module eliminates the need of installing complex traditional multiple fixed PSTN lines with IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony) With the help of SIP Trunking as a service, ITSPs, ISPs, and Telecoms can easily create their own trunk to receive traffic from the customer’s site or to send traffic to the customer’s site. They can also route the traffic based on the business requirement and generate the revenue.

Some of the key features of the SIP Trunking module for HoduPBX include:

– Inbound and Outbound Trunk Rate Plan: Admin can create a rate plan for both inbound and outbound calling.
– Bundle Plan: Admin can also provide inbound and outbound calling related offers to the tenants.
– User Permission: The admin can allow the number of trunks that the tenant can configure.
– Max Simultaneous Calls: The tenant can define the maximum number of simultaneous calls for a particular SIP trunk.
– Outbound Trunk Configuration: The tenant can easily configure the outbound trunk.
– Inbound Trunk Configuration: With inbound configuration feature, incoming calls can be routed easily to an external URI.
– Trunk Routing: With outbound trunk routing, the outbound trunk calls can be routed to multiple end-points such as HoduPBX extensions, queue, IVR, conference, voicemail, etc. Calls can also be routed to the inbound trunk.

For more details about the SIP Trunking features, visit-https://hodusoft.com/hodupbx-sip-trunking/

The benefits of offering the SIP Trunking as a service are:

– Cost Management: ISP’s, ITSPs, and Telecom companies can easily manage their costs and generate revenue by providing SIP trunking as a service to their customers.
– Easy to Configure: The SIP trunk can be configured easily as per the business requirement.
– Scalable: It provides quick scalability on a single link with a large volume of simultaneous calls.
– Fully Secure: The calls made over the SIP trunks are fully secure.
– Smooth Functionality: The single link SIP trunk connectivity ensures smooth functionality.
– Disaster Recovery: SIP trunks are an essential part of a business’s disaster recovery plan. Without affecting the business operations, the calls can be diverted immediately to another site or system if something unexpected happens.
– Cost-Effective Solution: SIP trunking services are quite a cost-effective solution for enterprises.

When asked about the details, Bharat Lalcheta, Co-Founder & CTO said, “We are happy to announce a new module into the HoduPBX system- The ‘SIP Trunking’ module. HoduSoft’s Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking module is an advanced voice connectivity product that allows businesses to place or receive calls over the internet. It can easily support a huge volume of simultaneous calls without compromising on the call quality. By utilizing our SIP trunking service, businesses can make huge savings on their communication costs while enjoying the benefits of unified communication.”

Mr. Lalcheta further added, “HoduPBX- IP PBX software is one of the most popular products of HoduSoft that is designed to facilitate unified global business communications. The SIP trunking module of HoduPBX can be used by ISPs, ITSP’s, and Telecom companies to provide their own SIP trunking services to their clients or tenants. These companies can utilize their own trunk or partner trunks for routing the calls to their destination based on the routing defined in the HoduPBX. Moreover, they can take charges for the service and calls. Some of the key benefits that users can get by utilizing our SIP trunking module include easy configuration, highly secure solution, simplified network, quick scalability, disaster recovery, cost-effectiveness, and more.”
For more details related to the SIP Trunking module or to get a free demo of the system, one can visit- https://hodusoft.com/hodupbx-sip-trunking/.

Kartik Khambhati
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Google’s Latest Update Will Favor User-Friendly Websites

An illustration of smiley faces linking to each other with colored arrows to explain how Google ranks pages.

An illustration of how Google ranks pages, by Felipe Micaroni Lalli

Marketers and web developers across the globe are preparing for the May Google algorithm update.

The emphasis on usability in this update reflects how much competition there is to reach customers online and how much control users have over the type of media that actually reaches them.”

— Mike Mayer

HIGHLAND PARK, IL, April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In just days, it’s coming. Yet another major Google algorithm update, set to launch May 2021. Last year in 2020 alone, we had four.

Technically, Google conducts thousands of updates to its search algorithm each year, but most of these are small fine-tuning operations that have no impact on the online presence of your business.

However, every once in a while a more important update happens, and the Google public search liaison announces the news a few weeks beforehand in a Tweet.

Impact of Google’s Latest Update

Digital marketers around the world brace themselves when Google announces an update. They wonder how seriously it may impact website search engine rankings that they have spent years—maybe decades—building.

For example, in May 2018 Google launched its so-called “Medic” algorithm update, and many health care web sites still haven’t recovered. While the details of the Medic update remain murky, it’s clear that the update harmed web sites in the “YMYL” (Your Money, Your Life”) space—that is, health care, finance, and law—that had weak authority signals.

Authority is a quality that Google measures by many different factors. These include the age of the site and the number of backlink referrals from other sites. The basic idea behind the Medic update was that since the information on YMYL sites can affect a person’s life and finances, only very well-known and trusted sources should be allowed to rank highly.

Needless to say, for new-ish sites in the YMYL space that had managed to rank well without putting years of work in, the Medic update was devastating.

Attention to Page Experience in 2021

Most of the major Google updates issued in 2020 were similar to the Medic update in promoting expertise, authority, and trust, the so-called “E-A-T” factors. Thankfully, none of these updates had nearly the same impact as Medic. Fortunately for all the online businesses out there, May’s algorithm update will not deal with any quality as tricky as “authority.”

Instead, the update will focus on what Google calls “Core Web Vitals.” These are the technical aspects of your business website that make it easy to use. This means that if you’ve been taking the advice of your SEO specialist and your friendly neighborhood web developer, you should have nothing to worry about.

What are the Core Web Vitals?

The three primary Core Web Vitals that this new update targets are topics we at Main Event Digital talk up to our clients all the time. They are loading, interactivity, and visual stability:

Loading — The new update will measure how long it takes the largest graphic element on a web page—also known as the “Largest Contentful Paint”— to load. Pages with LCPs that load in 2.5 seconds or less will be considered “good” according to Google search engine standards.

Interactivity—The new update will also gauge how long it takes for a web page to react when a user interacts with it for the first time, for example by clicking on a button. This measurement is known as “First Input Delay.” Google will consider pages that react to the user in fewer than 100 milliseconds “good.”

Visual Stability—Websites often load page content in a staggered fashion. The amount of time it takes for all the content sections of a page to load and align into their proper place is called “Cumulative Layout Shift.” If a web page can reach this state within 100 milliseconds when loading, it will be “good” by Google standards.

How Do I Pass Core Web Vitals?

There are a few other user experience issues Google will rank for the Core Web Vitals update. Sites that are optimized for mobile and that have a secure https connection will be favored in the rankings, while sites that harbor dangerous malware and disturbing pop-ups and advertisements will be impacted negatively. However, if your business has been working with a team of experts like we have at Main Event Digital, you will already be doing what you should be doing in all these areas.

Google offers tools that allow you to audit your site on various ranking issues, which can affect a site in any number of ways. A good web developer will have been thinking about Google tools before even building your site, since code that is too repetitive and lacking in elegance can slow down your load times. In some cases such as LCP, your web developer should have been prescribing graphics of different sizes, each of which will only load for a certain kind of device (i.e. desktop, mobile, etc.).

What Happens After a Google Update?

The Core Web Vitals update will likely force businesses away from cheap hosting services that pack a lot of sites onto one server, ultimately slowing all of them down. Also, the days when business owners feel comfortable just uploading any image taken on their phones to their company sites are over.

Overall the Core Web Vitals update reflects a world where the majority of web traffic now occurs on mobile devices. People in emerging economies like China or Nigeria are likely to access the Internet through mobile first, and the dominance of this format will continue to grow. Google’s latest update pressures webmasters to be ready for the future with sites that are easy to use on any device.

Here’s What We Know For Sure

The emphasis on usability in this update reflects how much competition there is to reach customers online and how much control users have over the type of media that actually reaches them. We have known for a long, long time that users will bounce from a page if the load time is too slow. We also know that different types of people prefer specific devices and online behaviors. That’s why it’s critical to have an omnichannel digital strategy and above all to understand who exactly your target customer is and how they interact with technology.

We will help you do all of this and more at Main Event Digital. Visit maineventdigital.com or get in touch with CEO Mike Mayer via email (mdmayer@maineventdigital.com) or phone (773) 405-3635 to schedule a free consultation. We’ll help you become a contender in the Google search engine results.

Mike Mayer
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Turnium SD-WAN is now CNF Certified on Red Hat OpenShift

CNF Certified SD-WAN on Red Hat OpenShift helps give organizations the confidence and ease of true zero touch provisioning of Turnium’s managed SD-WAN service.

NORTH VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Turnium Technology Group Inc. (TTGI) announces its Turnium cloud-native managed SD-WAN service is now a certified cloud-native network function (CNF) for Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform . Turnium’s SD-WAN enables carriers, service providers and enterprises to bring all their branches, offices, data centers and public or private clouds into a single, flexible network simply and easily. Organizations using Red Hat OpenShift can now benefit from Turnium’s CNF certified managed SD-WAN to power their transition to cloud-native operations and manage their network edge from a single platform.

“Companies can now connect to their multi-cloud services using Turnium’s CNF certified cloud-native managed SD-WAN offering through Red Hat’s container catalog. This was accomplished by completing a rigorous testing process on Red Hat Openshift in a standardized environment,” said Sandeep Panesar, EVP of Turnium Technology Group Inc. “We are excited to have completed the certification which allows service providers and telecommunications companies to quickly provision and manage their deployment while reducing costs.”

Turnium’s CNF certified SD-WAN solution delivers zero touch provisioning on Red Hat OpenShift and provides customers with greater confidence in deploying Turnium’s solutions on this platform. As a CNF, telecommunications and other communications service providers can deploy Turnium cloud-native managed SD-WAN service directly from the Red Hat container catalog across their entire network.

Turnium’s software completed suites of automated test cases developed and maintained to be in line with industry standards in the Red Hat CNF certification testbed. These tests are designed to demonstrate that Turnium’s SD-WAN software can deploy more simply and efficiently. Turnium cloud-native managed SD-WAN service is also a Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operator.

“Red Hat is pleased that Turnium has completed all tests necessary to confirm its certified CNF status on Red Hat OpenShift," Julio Tapia, Senior Director, Partner Ecosystem, Cloud Platforms, Red Hat. “Turnium is part of a select group of technology companies to achieve this certification and we look forward to delivering Turnium SD-WAN to organizations seeking the benefits of cloud-native SD-WAN.”

Turnium’s cloud-native containerized SD-WAN solution allows large enterprise and medium-size businesses to quickly deploy and easily scale networks with OpenShift, supported by Red Hat. Turnium is available in Red Hat’s Partner Catalog, and the two companies have jointly published a solution brief that is available here: https://catalog.redhat.com/software/container-stacks/search?q=turnium.

About Turnium Technology Group Inc.
Turnium Technology Group develops and delivers its software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) solution as both a managed cloud-native service and as an OEM white label software platform. Turnium managed SD-WAN is available direct to enterprises and through its partner channel of Managed Service Providers and Value-Added Resellers. Multapplied SD-WAN software is licensed to Managed Service Providers and Telecommunications Service Providers through a global Channel Partner program. Multapplied SD-WAN enables Channel Partners to launch their own branded SD-WAN offering quickly and easily. For more information, contact sales@ttgi.io.

About SD-WAN
SD-WAN is revolutionizing the networking and telecommunications industry by virtualizing secure, high-speed networking and abstracting network control from the underlying physical circuits. SD-WAN frees enterprises, small-medium businesses, cloud and managed services providers from the constraints imposed by traditional telecommunications companies. Turnium’s offering is a fully Managed SD-WAN platform that can be used by businesses to replace or augment their current networks.

Turnium Technology Group Inc.
+1 604-398-4314

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Armour Comms wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2021

Cyber-security firm wins highest industry accolade for Secure Communications technology

During the pandemic cyberattacks have increased significantly, generating an awareness that security for mobile workers is incredibly important.”

— David Holman, Director, Armour Comms

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Armour Comms, a supplier of UK Government and NATO approved solutions for secure communications including voice, video, messaging and data, has been awarded a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2021. The award was made for outstanding short term growth in overseas sales over the last three years.

Established in 2015, Armour Comms is one of only 112 organisations nationally to be recognised with an acclaimed Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade this year. Armour Comms technology provides the convenience and usability of consumer-grade apps, with enterprise and government grade security features required by professional users to protect sensitive information and maintain privacy. Armour technology provides a highly secure mobile communications platform where every element of data, including meta-data, can be controlled.

David Holman, Director and co-founder of Armour Comms said; “The whole team at Armour are honoured to have been selected for a Queen’s Award and I know our many customers around the world will share our excitement at this recognition. It is the highlight for us of a busy 12 month period where many organisations moved to remote working and therefore required more robust security for their home workers.

“During the pandemic cyberattacks have increased significantly, generating an awareness that security for mobile workers is incredibly important because it presents such a large attack surface. By combining the usability of consumer-grade apps with enhanced security required for business use our products provide the assurance required when sharing sensitive information of all kinds and maintaining privacy, even in the most challenging of environments.”

Armour Comms supplies the secure communications solutions of choice for governments, banks, defence and law enforcement, financial services, legal and healthcare organisations, as well as family offices, ultra-high nett worth individuals and journalists operating in unfriendly regimes.

Andreina West
PR Artistry
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This short video explains how the Armour technology works

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AAEON Celebrates Launch of 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® SP Processors and Announces ARES-WHI0 Server Board

ARES-WHI0 Industrial ATX Server Board

AAEON An Asus Company

AAEON An Asus Company

AAEON, a leading developer of industrial network solutions, celebrates Intel’s launch of 3rd Gen Xeon SP; announces ARES-WHI0 industrial ATX server board.

TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, April 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — AAEON, an industry leader of AI and IOT solutions, is excited to celebrate the launch of Intel’s latest scalable platform, the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (formerly Ice Lake-SP). As an associate member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance, AAEON is excited to bring this new technology to market with the ARES-WHI0 industrial ATX server board and other future products.

The 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors deliver the next generation of high-end computing performance and support for vital data integrity and security technologies. This new generation of Xeon SP brings higher processing speeds and Intel’s Deep Learning Boost technology, allowing for greater acceleration and more efficient processing for AI server applications.

With the launch of the 3rd Generation Intel Xeon SP, AAEON announces their latest platform, the ARES-WHI0 industrial ATX server board. The ARES-WHI0 takes advantage of the Whitley platform to deliver performance and support for a wide range of deployments from server board, AI computing, and industrial control applications.

The ARES-WHI0 comes equipped with three PCIe Gen 4 [x16] slots and one PCIe 3.0 [x8] with [x16] form factor, allowing the board to power up to four GPUs. This support enables the ARES-WHI0 to power performance demanding applications from AI Edge server to AI-based visual inspection. Additionally, the ARES-WHI0 offers three PCIe 3.0 [x4] slots ([x8] form factor), perfect for frame grabbers, AI accelerators or adding on various functions to meet the needs of individual applications.
AAEON has leveraged their expertise in industrial computing to deliver a board that can integrate easily into various deployments with I/O features including DIO, COM, Audio Jack, and VGA ports. Additionally, AAEON brings leading service and support to ensure the ARES-WHI0 delivers consistent, reliable and long-lasting performance, all at a price point to meet any budget.

The ARES-WHI0 delivers support for greater storage capability, with eight SATA III (6.0 Gbps) ports, with RAID support, as well as NVMe. The board also features support for the latest Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory 200 Series Modules, allowing greater flexibility and storage speeds in data server applications.
AAEON has worked closely with Intel to deliver an innovative server board solution which leverages the latest in Intel technologies with the 3rd Generation Intel Xeon SP. For more information on how the ARES-WHI0 can bring next generation technologies to your server, AI, and industrial applications, visit www.aaeon.com.
Established in 1992, AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of industrial IoT and AI Edge solutions. With continual innovation as a core value, AAEON provides reliable, high-quality computing platforms including industrial motherboards and systems, rugged tablets, embedded AI Edge systems, uCPE network appliances, and LoRaWAN/WWAN solutions. AAEON also provides industry-leading experience and knowledge to provide OEM/ODM services worldwide. AAEON also works closely with cities and governments to develop and deploy Smart City ecosystems, offering individual platforms and end-to-end solutions. AAEON works closely with premier chip designers to deliver stable, reliable platforms, and is recognized as an Associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. For an introduction to AAEON’s expansive line of products and services, visit www.aaeon.com.

AAEON Technology Inc.
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Premier Truck Rental Adds 12 New Trailers to Fleet

PTR Premier Truck Rental announces the expansion of their Utility and Telecommunications trailer offerings, adding 12 new units to their rental fleet.

FORT WAYNE, IN, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — FORT WAYNE, Ind. – PTR Premier Truck Rental is excited to announce that we’re expanding our Utility and Telecom trailer offerings, adding 12 new units to our fleet. PTR is offering rent-ready units from Brooks Brothers, Larson, Tuf-Solutions and Reelstrong.

1. Brooks Brothers 3TRT 242-10KE Three Reel Turret Trailer
Perfect for electrical utility contractors, our Three Reel Turret Trailers are great to increase productivity by making it easier to pay in and out. Having a max GVWR of 23,500lbs and revolving turret reel that’s lockable every 15 degrees, these units are ready to work.

2. Brooks Brothers CPT 6110 Coil Pipe Trailer
Whether you work in telecom, electric, oil and gas or a different industry, having a Coil Pipe Trailer on the job is incredibly beneficial. These vertical, self-loading units have a max payload of 5,500lbs and are safe and easy to use.

3. Brooks Brothers GPT 412-8KE Gas Pipe Trailer
As tough as they come. Our Gas Pipe Trailers have a max GVWR of 28,000lbs and payload of 22000lbs. Transporting large pipes to from jobsite to jobsite is no longer a stressor for you and your crew with these in your fleet.

4. Brooks Brothers PT122-8KE 18K Cargo/Pole Trailer
Moving materials and poles to your project site can be a hassle. Our 18K Cargo/Pole Trailer rentals have a max GVWR of 23,500lbs and axle size of 10,000lbs, making sure that you meet your project deadlines.

5. Brooks Brothers PTB 202-20KA 40K Pole Trailer
Do you work in the electrical or telecommunications industry? Our 40K Pole Trailers make moving large poles a breeze, having a load capacity of 17,000lbs and the ability to extend and retract to adjust to your pole size.

6. Brooks Brothers 15K & 25K Reel Stands
We’ve expanded our Reel Stand product line, offering 15K and 25K Brooks Brothers Reel Stands in addition to Brindle’s 16K and 25K Reel Stands. These Reel Stands come standard with tension brakes to safely hold back or pay out.

7. Brooks Brothers STRT 8108-8KE Single Reel Turret Trailer
Regardless of whether you work in oil and gas, municipal, electrical utilities, telecom or a different industry, our Single Reel Turret Trailers make working with wire and cable easier than ever, having a revolving turret reel that’s lockable every 15 degrees.

8. Larson 7500G Cable Trailer
Full of features to boost productivity, our LCT 7500 Cable Trailer is ready to work. Having a hydraulic reel turner, hydraulic lifting rack, figure 9 fork, receiver hitch and more, these units are perfect for utility contractors. Plus, this trailer lifts the reels but figure 8’s the cable as it rewinds it.

9. Tuf-Solutions MPT-40 Pole/Material Trailer
The perfect Pole/Material Trailers for your next project. Having an electric brake package, a GVWR of 16,000lbs and a payload of 11,200lbs, these units are great for any type of job or project application.

10. Tuf-Solutions PSP-47 Pole Trailer
When you work in power and telecom construction, you need a trailer to make moving large distribution or transmission-sized poles quick and easy. Our PSP-47 Pole Trailers have a max GVWR of 20,000lbs and are ready to work for you.

11. Tuf-Solutions TMB-40 Pole Trailer
Durable. Strong. As heavy-duty as they come. Our TMB-40 Pole Trailer will make sure that your poles are at your site when you start your project.

12. Tuf-Solutions HNB-4RC Reel Trailer
Moving reels is made easy. Our HNB-4RC Reel Trailers are great for fiber installation, cable placing, telecom projects, or any other type of job that requires reels that need transported.

These trailers will be available for rent spring and summer 2021. To learn more about our availability, call PTR at 844-644-9138 or email sales@rentptr.com.

About Premier Truck Rental
Our job at PTR is to give you the type of rental equipment that you want, when you want it and to make the rental process seamless. We work with you on making sure that you have the best units for your job and industry, providing you with Truck, Trailer, and Equipment Rentals that can be upfit however needed. We’re family-owned and operated with over 25 years of equipment rental experience, serving companies across the United States.

Kylie Ryan
PTR Premier Truck Rental
Visit us on social media:

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ATX Networks Unveils Next-Gen Digital Optical Amplifier for Long-Reach Deployments

ATX Platform for Long-Reach Digital Optical Transport

GigaWave Digital Link Amplifier-HUB

New field-hardened EDFA platform empowers operators to pursue publicly-funded broadband initiatives

Our new digital optical amplifier platform can play a big role in enabling service providers to affordably and economically deliver broadband to remote regions.”

— Dan Whalen, CEO of ATX Networks

SAN DIEGO, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — ATX Networks, a global leader in broadband access and media distribution solutions, introduced the GigaWave™ Digital Link Amplifier-HUB (DLA-HUB), a field-hardened, gain-flattened EDFA platform optimized for digital optical transport in long-distance multi-wavelength applications. The DLA-HUB, the newest addition to the company’s GigaWave Digital Optical Transport portfolio, is optimized to enable cable operators and other service providers to reduce the cost and complexity of extending broadband services to residents and businesses in remote regions.

“Closing the gap between the digital haves and have-nots is of paramount importance to our society, ATX and the overall broadband community,” said Dan Whalen, CEO of ATX Networks. “We designed the DLA-HUB to assist broadband service providers in cost-efficiently expanding their footprints to underserved or unserved communities, which will, in turn, play a critical role in reducing the broadband inequity between urban and rural regions, often referred to as the Digital Divide.”

A critical design feature of ATX’s DLA-HUB is mid-stage dispersion compensation that delivers extended reach and improved performance compared to pre- or post-dispersion compensation modules (DCMs). The improved performance and cost benefits of a mid-stage DCM with reduced EDFA gain include the ability to increase spacing between amplifiers and a reduction in EDFA repeater stations, resulting in an overall reduction in link cost.

Additional design and configuration advantages include flexible add/drop capabilities. The ability to drop wavelengths at multiple locations along an optical path is especially valuable in long-reach deployment scenarios, as the number of homes passed per mile in rural communities can be fewer than 10. The DLA-HUB’s controller board supports SFP interfaces and a Layer 2 switch fabric, enabling operators to monitor a cascade of DLA-HUBs and accompanying power supplies using a single digital wavelength. This unique capability means that cable operators can avoid dedicating multiple wavelengths for status monitoring, increasing overall system efficiency.

The DLA-HUB platform is a critical component of ATX’s Long-Reach Digital Optical Transport Solution, which includes the GigaWave Digital Link Extender (DLX) multi-wavelength transport platform and the accompanying Digital Link Receiver (DLR). The GigaWave DLX and DLR, which have been deployed by major North American cable operators, enable broadband service providers to cost-effectively deliver as many as 40 wavelengths across passive optical access links of up to 60km. The GigaWave DLX supports Remote PHY (R-PHY) and Remote MACPHY (R-MACPHY) Distributed Access Architectures (DAA), as well as Passive Optical Network (PON), Small Cell/5G and enterprise business services.

The GigaWave DLA-HUB works in tandem with the GigaWave DLX, or with third-party transport solutions, to extend the delivery of wavelengths of high-speed capacity beyond 160km. The DLA-HUB, which can be strand or pedestal mounted, relieves cable operators of the expense of having to build physical facilities to extend their networks over long distances.

The ATX Long-Reach Digital Optical Transport Solution is built on a technology foundation that overcomes historical barriers to serving far-flung service areas, enabling broadband service providers to pursue government-funded broadband initiatives. The ATX DLA-HUB is optimized, for example, to assist cable operators and others in extending broadband to communities recently identified by the U.S.-based Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) initiative.

“With limited opportunities for organic growth, capturing new broadband subscribers through expansion into remote regions may represent one of the best new frontiers for cable operators,” added Whalen. “Our new digital optical amplifier platform can play a big role in enabling service providers to affordably and economically deliver broadband to remote regions.”

On May 26th, ATX will host a webinar highlighting the capabilities of its GigaWave Long-Reach Digital Optical Transport Solution and the role it plays in enabling cable operators and other service providers in extending their networks to remote and underserved communities.

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