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NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — For any organization to completely thrive, training their employees is irrefutably critical to success. As role models, managers and leaders must inspire workers to create a better workplace culture, increase profits, productivity, and overall performance. In today’s rapidly evolving business world this poses many challenges but if workers are not adequately trained results can be absolutely futile.

Diane Kubal is the owner of Fulcrum Network, a boutique firm that assists Learning and Development and Human Resource professionals find the most optimal programs for training, organization development and executive coaching projects.

“There’s quite a disproportionate number of people who are feeling isolated and disconnected so we really need to find ways to build that connection back up,’ says Diane. “While of course technology has its absolute advantages there’s too much “Zoom fatigue” which takes a toll on our energy, brain and eyes. Now it’s key to keep employees aligned with the company’s mission and new procedures and policies to maximize their performance.

“We connect organizations with independent consultants and boutique firms for all sorts of resources around learning and development, human resources, and organizational consulting,” says Diane. “We also provide experience based virtual learning using a platform that deploys unique ways to convert existing content delivered in a physical classroom to a virtual format. With this engaging digital format participants are actively connected making learning interesting and fun.”

With a myriad of companies in today’s modern workforce facing the challenges of taking their in-person classroom training and making it virtual, they opt to turn it into a ZOOM or some type of live virtual training. Using only live virtual training for courses longer than 90-minutes is typically not effective and demotivates employees but Fulcrum’s methodologies and training tools engage participants in numerous ways that make learning more engaging and effective.

Rather than the client spending hours on online self-study courses that are boring where what little is retained, participants in Fulcrum’s programs use an experienced-based platform that takes content and breaks it down in bite sized consumable chunks. Fulcrum utilizes dripped content where they only see a few of the learning tasks which makes it easy and less overwhelming.

Fulcrum offer incentives as our technology tool is gamified providing recognition for completing the work, they get points, and have fun contests complete with prizes.

Instead of the typical hum drum classes, Fulcrum’s courses require learners to consume about thirty minutes of content including watching videos, doing exercises, getting valuable feedback, and earning points. More importantly, they are engaged with other participants and acquire that much needed connection.

With the way COVID has dramatically changed the way we work and everything going virtual, Fulcrum is also launching a program called The Modern Managers Leadership Series focusing on all the skills leaders and managers need.

“We are working in hybrid and remote teams, so we are aiming to get as many companies interested in this approach because people really flourish learning this way,” says Diane.

Diane is also exceptionally skillful at helping people identify their natural gifts and talents. She says it’s essential for individuals as well as consultants to identify their natural talent and use it to the best of their ability at work.

“We help individuals figure out what’s aligned to their purpose and have experience-based courses that do this,” says Diane. “It’ very lasered focused and accelerated and helps people tap into their essence or natural gifts.”

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