A Silver Lining for Small Businesses: Author Raises Funds for Small Businesses through Book Tour

Cut the Bullsh*t: Raising Awareness for a Better Future

Small businesses in Ontario have been devastated by the longest lockdown in North America. Ontario knew of alternative methods for universal safe practices for more than a year, and never tried.”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Since the announcement of the pandemic in March 2020, President of Edward Henry Company, and sales author of CTB (Cut the Bullsh*t) – Stop CONvincing; Start Selling, Edward Henry, started working on a plan to help small businesses. Henry realized that the problem with sales was the same as the one that small businesses are facing today; there is a lack of proper infrastructure to withstand even the toughest times.
With the premise to end all lockdowns and a focus on pandemic preparedness, safe business practices, compliance, and continuity, an organization called Social Distance Management (SDM) was created. Shortly after extensive research and system development, SDM’s message shifted from “no more lockdowns” to “ALL businesses are essential,” changing its name to SmALL Business is Essential United (SBE United).

For over a year, small businesses have been seeking a lifeline. No one has provided businesses with the proper infrastructure to prevent them from drowning in this pandemic. Instead, small businesses still lack the needed support and are left with locked doors, “sorry we’re closed” signs, and feelings of uncertainty.

SBE United is more than a non-profit organization; it is a movement that fosters tools and resources for business continuity. SBE United believes that ALL businesses are essential and that unity is needed to strive towards a better normal.
On November 10, 2021, in Lindsay, Ontario, CTB will start its first book tour. The Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce has been a great example of SmALL Business Community Champions and that is why we decided to kick off the CTB tour in Lindsay. CTB is about cracking the code for sales success, cutting the bullsh*t in how we sell, selling honest, and finding our extra – ordinary.

This book tour provides an opportunity for a dual purpose – to promote CTB and raise the much-needed financial support for small businesses. Commencing in Ontario, tours will happen in 24 cities, 12 additional cities in Canada, and areas in the United States to follow. Communities must come together and be the change for small businesses. Along with fundraising, this book tour will spread awareness about SBE United’s mission to arm small businesses with the support, protection, and resources needed to operate safely. SBE United seeks to promote safe business practices, and obtain community champions and corporate sponsors.

There is no doubt that small businesses need support, unity, and guidance. Small businesses have reached a state of exhaustion, as they are willing to go back to old ways where contingency plans were not in place to withstand a crisis. SBE United is here to ensure that another $20 trillion or more isn’t spent on being unprepared. The end goal is to have unified, collective, and strong business communities that strive towards economic recovery and stability. Others can help in this initiative by signing up to become Community Champions and volunteering their time to assist SBE United in going above and beyond what’s envisioned.

Now, more than ever, is the time to cut through the bullsh*t. Why are health and business two separate conversations? Being prepared and having universal standards of compliance should be the center of conversations right now. Small businesses being left with locked doors, “sorry we’re closed” signs, and feelings of uncertainty may be the present, but it will not be the future.

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