VSynergize Launches VInsight, a Survey Based Lead Generation Service

VSynergize Launches VInsight

VSynergize Launches VInsight

VSynergize launches VInsight, a survey-based lead generation service that aims to generate more SQL in less time with the help of customized surveys.

SAN FRANCISCO, USA, July 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — After gaining a thunderous response for its excellent lead generation services in the last two decades, eminent Sales & Marketing Partner VSynergize is ready to win many more hearts. This US-based company that has earned the trust of countless customers across the globe through its innovative lead generation services has recently launched one more exciting and effective marketing service – VInsight.

It is a survey-based lead generation service that aims to generate more sales qualified leads (SQL) in less time with the help of customized surveys. It is crafted keeping the interests of B2B business needs in mind and assures quality returns on investment. VSynergize’s email-driven surveys help enterprises to gain valuable insights about the targeted customers and assist in understanding the pain points, challenges, and much more to close the deals efficiently.

B2B purchasing journey is quite tedious and arduous, as research shows that more than 3/4ths of B2B buyers describe their purchasing journey as very complex or challenging. According to search giant Google, this complexity has further increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, as business priorities are shifted. Getting good leads has thus become a tough task for B2B marketers. VInsight is a way to tackle such challenges and earn good leads in an innovative manner.

It helps enterprises to discover the right prospect, identifying their needs, and engaging with the prospect in a targeted approach. Moreover, an incentive-driven, multichannel, and customized survey approach further makes this technique quite unique and promises better results.

“Our in-depth surveys help you understand where the prospect is in their buyer journey so your sales team can build the best strategy to approach them. After understanding your exact buyer persona we create a survey to specifically understand your target market's interests, goals and current needs with Custom Data Builds that is accurate and human-verified,” said Trish Agarwal, CMO and Cofounder at VSynergize.

VSynergize is a well-known name in the field of lead and demand generation and provides a plethora of services to keep the sales funnel filled with qualified leads. B2B Data, Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), BANT Leads, Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), Voice Verified Leads, Appointment Setting, Email Marketing, and much more are some of the very highly popular services of VSynergize.

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