Business Reporter: The importance of Bug Bounty to the digital line of defence in any business

How Ethical Hacking can provide continuous protection against hackers

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 7, 2021 / — In an Industry View piece on Business Reporter, zSecurity – a leading provider of cyber security services, explains why Bug Bounty is invaluable for businesses.

Many platforms have innate vulnerabilities. New features, updates, oversights and misconfigurations could also introduce weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Therefore contracting so-called Ethical Hackers who are basically freelance security experts, to continually test the system as it evolves is crucial even if it was initially tested by security experts. Having a bug bounty program means these ethical hackers will check the security of the application on an ongoing basis as new features or updates are installed.

Another advantage of signing up to a Bug Bounty programme is that the discovered vulnerabilities are examined and verified by an independent team of Ethical Hackers. This ensures that the business is not bombarded with false alarms.

Ethical hackers pose no threat for the cyber security of a business. They are contractually obliged not to take advantage of any weakness that they identify. Because of the associated costs, Bug Bounty programs were originally exclusive to huge enterprises such as Google. Fortunately times are changing and we now have companies such as that offer the same service at a fraction of the price.

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