Strategist Lori Hamilton Shares Advice For Young Entrepreneurs In Exclusive Interview With DotCom Magazine

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“Whatever you love is your competitive advantage.”

When we feel lost, it’s important to ask ourselves what lights us up?”

— Lori Hamilton

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 / — Recently, strategist and successful entrepreneur Lori Hamilton was featured in DotCom Magazine’s Entrepreneur Spotlight Series. She and DotCom CEO, Andy Jacob, discussed the success of her company "Prosperity Productions." In addition to many topics including her unique approach to consulting, Andy asked Lori what advice she would give to young entrepreneurs who are building new companies. Here is the short excerpt from her interview.

“The North Star of your life and work is not what other people want…it’s the little things that light you up inside. If you’ve lost your way or feel overwhelmed, look back to what you love,” Lori said.

She goes on in the interview to talk about how to accept and manage the hard days. She reminds entrepreneurs that everyone, even their idols, have difficult days and how important it is to not identify with those roadblocks. She tells them to take breaks to regain perspective, to not try to solve everything at once, but to recognize that there is always a solution.

She explains that it is also important to recognize what you don’t know about yourself and your customer. Your customers have deeper insight into the value you offer than you do. They are able to see a bigger picture of what you bring to the table. Lori recommends that to find your value and learn how to express it, you ask your investors or your superfans how they talk about your product when they are explaining it to someone else. Then adopt the language they use in your own marketing message.

Prosperity Productions has generated over $3 billion in incremental income for their clients, won 59 awards for creative and marketing excellence, including multiple Best of Show Awards – Addy, Amy, Effie, Clio, as well as the coveted Burke Award for marketing communications excellence from Johnson & Johnson. In addition to their client work, Prosperity Productions has been asked to teach insights to global organizations such as Google, Amazon, Samsung, Accenture, MetLife, ConAgra, and more than 10 of the largest marketing and communications firms in the world.

For more entrepreneurial advice, you can watch the rest of Lori’s interview with DotCom Magazine here.

Client Reviews:
“Wow! I mean…wow! Did you ever work with…wow…someone and just walk away…wow…stunned. More energy and enthusiasm than a team of marketers could ever muster, with walk-into-a-pole brilliant ideas coming out of her mouth one after another – like she was just chatting. Wow!” – Mark Truss, Chief Research Officer at Wunderman Thompson.

“I have worked with Lori on numerous projects and have found her to be a first-rate researcher. She is inventive in designing studies and guides. She is a truly gifted interviewer who can elicit gems from any respondent, no matter how shy or difficult. And she does a great job of finding and illuminating insights. As a bonus, she’s very collaborative and always fun to work with.” – Hope Picker, VP, Insights at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

About Lori:
As Founder and President of Prosperity Productions, Hamilton has worked as a marketing strategist, researcher, and creative consultant for more than 20 years. Her work has generated over $3 billion in incremental business for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Having worked across a wide range of categories and industries, her clients include Google, ConAgra, Intuit, Rubbermaid, Deloitte Consulting, CitiBank, MetLife, Accenture, Herman Miller, USG, Russell Athletic, Blue Diamond, Johnson Controls, Microsoft, Garanimals, Carter’s/Oshkosh, United Technologies, The Home Depot, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Novartis. Lori holds a B.A. in Linguistics from UCLA and has won 59 awards for creative and marketing excellence, including five Best of Shows and a Clio. Lori has taught Insights and Innovation at Columbia University’s Master’s Degree Program in Strategic Communications, NYU Business School, and Pace University.

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Advice for Young Entrepreneurs by Lori Hamilton

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