WTIA secures Special Mandate to Identify Partners & Support in the Success of the CAPUIDC Program by DR Congo President

The WTIA & CAPUIDC Collaboration Agreement

The WTIA & CAPUIDC Collaboration Agreement

The Signing in Kinshasa

The Signing in Kinshasa

The Team

The Team





WTIA receives Special Mandate from Philippe MALEMBA to bring partners & support in the success of the CAPUIDC program as initiated by the President of DR Congo

The purpose of this Collaboration Agreement is to determine the possibilities of a partnership and define the framework for collaboration of their effective realization”

— Philippe NGWALA MALEMBA, Special Adviser to The President

GOMBE, KINSHASA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO, July 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — WTIA Chairman Keun-Young Kim and Philippe NGWALA MALEMBA, Special Advisor to the President today signed an official "Collaboration Agreement" to bring strategic partners to support the CAPUIDC in the materialization of the Integrated Emergency Community Development Program (PUIDC) as initiated by the President Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Collaboration Agreement will focus on key areas under the "Emergency Community Development Program Unit or CAPUIDC as it is called in DR Congo. some key points covered in the agreement as

(1) Amalgamate all the urgent actions of the President of the Republic intended for the rapid improvement of the living conditions of the population.
(2) Arrange high-level contacts and dialogue on behalf of the President of the Republic and mobilize donors / investors capable of working in collaboration with this specially created Unit in order to promote on a large scale the socio-economic development of grassroots communities.
(3) Corroborate the mobilization of the necessary funds at local and international level for the implementation of the Integrated Emergency Community Development Program and subsequent projects.

WTIA has a knowledge program to assist partner countries in formulating and implementing national development programs based on Korea's economic development experience said Chairman Keun-Young Kim, WTIA

The WTIA consortium is also equipped to raise necessary funds to finance the integrated emergency program of community development, who has already identified projects to be carried out in the twenty-six provinces of Democratic Republic of The Congo to boost community development. This agreement was the victory lap won by the Consortium in the almost month long stay during this visit.

WTIA proposed to support projects in
* Forest management, the establishment of local wood processing factories, access to carbon credit while taking cognizance of green energies.
* Set up mineral processing factories in the Democratic Republic of Congo to ensure added value to local economy and the artisanal miners too.
* New information and communication technologies which would notably benefit of educating young people through National Development Centers using state-of-the-art high-speed internet access provided by SMFI (a WTIA Consortium) member
* Draw up a plan to build and invest in energy using J.O.Engineering – powered by Hyundai Packaged Power Solutions and the mobilization of their specialized partners, to compensate for the energy deficit in industries and finally to light up every household across the entire country.

The purpose of this Collaboration Agreement is to determine the possibilities of a partnership and define the framework for collaboration between the parties while specifying the activities to be carried out and the practical modalities of their effective realization said Philippe NGWALA MALEMBA, Special Adviser to The President

Rohan F. Britto
WTIA Co., Ltd
+971 55 635 0635
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WTIA Consortium Congratulates the Great Nation of DR Congo LIVE on Bonjour 50 TV with Host Crispin.

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Portwell Announces NANO-6063, the Latest NANO-ITX Embedded Board Powered by Intel Atom® x6000E Series Processors



Portwell Logo

Portwell Logo

NANO-6063 is Designed with 2.5GbE featuring Intel TSN/TCC Real-time Capability and -40°C to 85°C Wide operating Temperature

FREMONT, CA, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — American Portwell Technology, Inc., (https://www.portwell.com) a wholly owned subsidiary of Portwell, Inc., and a Titanium Partner of Intel Partner Alliance, recently announces the release of NANO-6063, a NANO-ITX form factor (120mm x 120mm) embedded system board based on the Intel Atom x6000E processor series, formerly codenamed Elkhart Lake. Installing with the latest released Intel Atom platform, NANO-6063 supports the next generation of IoT edge devices. Intel has developed this new type of processors to enhance IoT applications depending on new levels of CPU and graphics performances with integrated IoT features, real-time performance, manageability, security, and functional safety.

Versatile, Compact, Powerful and Fan-less

The NANO-6063 Nano-ITX embedded board is built with the Intel Atom processor x6000E product family. Not only does it operate well with thermal design power (TDP) under 12W suitable for fan-less applications, but it also supports a wide industrial temperature range from -40°C to 85°C. With superior quad-core processing power and high computing capability, it builds up even greater and faster performance than the previous generation. The flat/low-profile design — measuring 25.25mm in height with I/O shield — allows space-saving installation in display and compact workstation, like digital signage and control solutions for applications of industrial and business levels. In brief, it’s a quick and easy solution with newly integrated IoT features for customers. By using Portwell’s NANO-6063, they can design in their own unique systems in diverse applications such as industrial automation, robotic control system, automated test equipment, automated guided/unmanned vehicle, medical equipment, outdoor gateway, outdoor digital signage and more.

Great Computing Performance and Long product life span

The NANO-6063, designed with Elkhart Lake Intel Atom x6000E processor series, features one DDR4 3200 MT/s SO-DIMM socket equipped with up to 32GB capacity. To perform multiple high-resolution 4K videos in parallel and improved AI performance, it integrates Intel Gen 11 UHD Graphics with triple independent display support via DisplayPort and HDMI in 4Kp60 resolution, and one VGA offering flexible display options. Moreover, it supports four USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports (10Gbps) to ensure fast data transmission with low-power consumption. With one multiple function with mSATA & mini-PCIe port, it can be configured to support either full-size mini-PCIe or mSATA by BIOS. In addition, it features SATA 3.0 interfaces with up to 6 Gb/s allow quick and flexible system expansions. Last but not least, to fulfill real-time performance and high-speed computing, it is equipped with one GPY215 driven 2.5GbE port with Intel Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Time Coordinated Computing (TCC) technologies for real-time computing and control capability, and one Intel I210IT Gigabit Ethernet controller to provide dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN access via two RJ-45 ports.

"At Portwell, we strive for excellence," says Maria Yang, product marketing engineer at American Portwell, "and the NANO-6063 is merely one example of the multitude of superior products designed and manufactured at our facilities. We challenge ourselves constantly to understand our customers' unique business needs and are committed to meeting their demands. Our customers also benefit from the peace of mind they get from the 10+ years long product life span support inherent with this Portwell product."

Maria Yang
American Portwell Technology
+1 5104033375
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Terror stalks the streets of the Philippines in the chilling ‘Aswang’

Poster image for 'Aswang'

Aswang, now streaming, only on iwonder

Still taken from the documentary, 'Aswang', now streaming on iwonder

Still taken from the documentary, ‘Aswang’, now streaming on iwonder

Still taken from the documentary, 'Aswang', now streaming, on iwonder

Still taken from the documentary ‘Aswang’, now streaming, only on iwonder

Now streaming, only on iwonder

Aswang serves as a message in a bottle from some of the Philippines’ most vulnerable communities.”

— James Bridges, CEO, iwonder

SINGAPORE, July 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — New and only on iwonder from today comes ‘Aswang’, the shocking story of how President Rodrigo Duterte of The Philippines has unleashed real-life demons onto his streets as part of a brutal drug war which has claimed the lives of tens of thousands since he came to power in 2016.

‘Aswang’ is a term in the Philippines for witches, vampires, ghosts and werewolves: a collection of shape-shifting evil spirits that feature heavily in local myths and popular films. But since President Duterte took office, Aswang have been appearing in real life in Manila.

In Duterte’s drug war, death squads have shot, tortured and kidnapped tens of thousands of drug users, dealers and innocent bystanders, as police officers are allegedly given free rein to use brutal violence directed at the poorest sections of society. These extra-judicial killings have now been named as crimes against humanity by Amnesty International.

The multi-award winning Aswang follows a group of people whose lives have been caught up in these events: a journalist who tries to make a stand against lawlessness, a coroner, a missionary who comforts bereaved family members, and a street kid with parents in prison and friends in the cemetery.

Breathlessly following the everyday struggle of those whose lives have been radically affected by the regime, Aswang is a shocking account of unprecedented violence and the brazen assault on freedoms by a Government and its President which still enjoy support from voters, while countless others at home and abroad look on with horror.

iwonder CEO, James Bridges, says of the film: “This chilling full-length documentary directorial debut from Alyx Ayn Arumpac is a powerful account of the terror that has gripped the streets of Manila since President Duterte’s brutal war on drugs began. As Duterte hints at a vice-presidential run in the 2022 elections to extend his legacy, Aswang serves as a message in a bottle from some of the Philippines’ most vulnerable communities who continue to live in the real fear of a late-night raid by state-sponsored executioners"

Viewers new to iwonder can watch Aswang for free by signing up to the 14-day free trial period, while also gaining access to 1,000+ other acclaimed documentary films and series. Priced at $4.99 USD monthly or $49.90 USD annually, viewers can enjoy iwonder on their mobile phones via iOS and Android apps, browsers at www.iwonder.com, with Apple TV, Android TV or through Google Chromecast or Apple’s Airplay.

Note: Aswang is not available to view on iwonder in The Philippines or Thailand.

Click to view and download imagery.

For further information, or to submit an interview request for Aswang Director Alyx Ayn Arumpac, please contact:

Lee Robson

iwonder is a documentary and current affairs streaming service, curating the world’s best feature film documentaries and factual content all on one platform. With a vast library of more than 1,000 new, critically-acclaimed, award-winning and festival favourite movies, series and shorts, iwonder marries the trending news stories with fascinating and captivating real-life stories about the people and events shaping world affairs, politics, music, culture, religion, sports, art, nature, history, science, technology and much more.

iwonder is currently available in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia through its iOS and Android apps, Apple TV, Android TV and at www.iwonder.com.

Lee Robson
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Aswang trailer

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BizCloud Expands Contact Center as a Service Offering to AWS Marketplace

Customer Expect consistency in every interaction across every channel. Working together we can innovate and build the experience that your customers expect from you.”

— Nagesh Kunamneni, President and CTO

DALLAS, TX, USA, July 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — UberTejas LLC dba BizCloud Experts announces expanding its AWS Connect Cloud Contact Center as a Service offering. BizCloud Experts is a recognized Amazon Connect Service Delivery (SDP) Partner and now the Services Offering is generally available on AWS Marketplace. Making our service available on AWS Marketplace makes it easy to find BizCloud Experts and engage our engineering teams to accelerate contact center initiatives.

Amazon Connect provides a seamless experience across voice and chat for your customers and agents. Amazon Connect includes one set of tools for skills-based routing, powerful real-time and historical analytics, and easy-to-use intuitive management tools – all with pay-as-you-go pricing, which means Amazon Connect simplifies contact center operations, improves agent efficiency, and lowers costs. Our Core competency of building Serverless Solutions lets you build and run code to integrate/extend your contact center with virtually any type of application or backend service with zero administration and no servers to provision or manage.

BizCloud Experts can help set up a contact center, build smart Serverless Integrations and support your migration to Amazon Connect from Current Legacy Solutions. "ReThinking Customer Experience (CX) is core to every business small or large. Solutions built on Amazon Connect accelerate your ability Rethink and Re-engineer the experience to improve your customer interactions ," says Nagesh Kunamneni, President & CTO, BizCloud Experts. "Customer Expect consistency in every interaction across every channel. Working together we can innovate and build the experience that your customers expect from you."

For more information on our Amazon Connect offering please visit our microsite link: Contact Center Services. BizCloud Experts Expertise in Amazon Connect along with its Eight Service Delivery Program Validation in the areas of Serverless Applications, Data Migration Services, Windows Workloads on AWS and Web Application Security position us to deliver a unique experience to build and deliver Contact Center Solutions faster.

We innovate, transform and seamlessly blend digital and physical platforms to deliver highly scalable production-ready solutions that contribute to our customers' success. BizCloud Experts is recognized as a leader in developing solutions using serverless computing technologies, and automating IT services. . To learn more, visit http://www.bizcloudexperts.com or follow us on Facebook, Linked-In,Twitter.

For sales information, contact Sales@bizcloudexperts.com, call us @+1 (214) 206 8976 or visit our website: https://bizcloudexperts.com/service/contact-center-as-a-service/

BizCloud Experts
UberTejas LLC dba BizCloud Experts
+1 214-206-8976
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Amazon Connect Cloud CC for SMB’s

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Fortknoxster Offers Free Cybersecurity Platform To Journalists To Help Fight Snooping And Hacks

FortKnoxster, the world’s most secure messaging and communications application is offering their communication platform free for journalists and newsrooms.

GIBRALTAR, GIBRALTAR, July 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — FortKnoxster, the world’s most secure messaging and communications application, has responded to the recent reports of attacks on journalists using the NSO Group’s spyware by making their enterprise communication platform available to all journalists and newsrooms at no cost.

“We see this as a defining moment in the fight for free speech and we have the security technology to protect journalists and their sources. Making our product available to reporters for free is the right thing to do, as we would like to support the cause of privacy and peace of mind when communicating and sharing sensitive information and data,” says Niels Klitsgaard, CEO of FortKnoxster.

Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International received a data dump of 50,000 phone numbers of potential spying targets and published news of the data leak on Sunday. The leak shows the unprecedented scale of the NSO Group’s spyware, called Pegasus, that is allegedly being used to spy on journalists, heads of state, human rights defenders, political opponents, lawyers, and diplomats.

Amnesty International reports, “NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware which, when surreptitiously installed on victims’ phones, allows an attacker complete access to the device’s messages, emails, media, microphone, camera, calls, and contacts.” Users do not need to click a link or download malicious files for the spyware to compromise their devices.

Niels adds, “There has been an alarming increase in cyberattacks on journalists and media outlets over the past few years. This is our contribution to help level the playing field and protect the freedom of the press.”

FortKnoxster’s Enterprise product – a complete messaging solution containing Inbox, chat, calls, video calls, storage, etc. – all with default military-grade encryption – is now available for free to any journalist or newsroom upon request. Please contact: press@fortknoxster.com.

The goal is to make it easier and safer for journalists to do their jobs, without the risks of 3. party snooping, surveillance and hacks. All the communication journalists need to do with their sources and internally can be done in a completely secure and end-to-end encrypted environment with the FortKnoxster web and native app.

FortKnoxster was born in 2018 and is being enjoyed in over 180 countries by a wide range of users. Any organization or enterprise can use FortKnoxster to safeguard their communications and data ie. large enterprises and SMEs, banks, law firms, government offices, medical, oil & gas, cybersecurity firms etc., while individuals are also making use of the application’s features in their everyday communications with friends and family.

For more information and details about the security specifications, please visit fortknoxster.com.

FortKnoxster Ltd.
email us here
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Телевізори Nokia Smart TV та Streaming Box тепер доступні в Україні ексклюзивно через мережу «Територія Твоєї Техніки»

Nokia Smart TV

Nokia Streaming Box 8000

StreamView Logo

VIENA, AUSTRIA, July 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Телевізори Nokia Smart TV та медіаплеєр Streaming Box 8000 тепер доступні в Україні ексклюзивно через мережу магазинів електроніки та дистриб’ютора «Територія Твоєї Техніки», забезпечуючи доступ до тисяч сервісів та каналів.

Відень, 21 липня 2021 р. – StreamView GmbH, ліцензіат бренду Nokia по смарт-телевізорам та телевізійним приставкам в Європі, повідомляє про наявність смарт-телевізорів Nokia та Nokia ТВ приставки Streaming Box 8000 в Україні. Нові телевізори Nokia Smart TV забезпечують доступ до тисячи програм через Google Play Store, включаючи Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video або YouTube, а також багато іншого, а також традиційний прийом телевізійних передач за допомогою кабельної, ефірної або супутникової антени. Медіаплеєр Nokia Streaming Box 8000 перетворює базові телевізори на Смарт ТВ , вирізняється стилем та дизайном, який ви очікуєте від брендового продукту Nokia, та простою у використанні технологією, за доступною ціною 2199 грн.

Після успішного запуску в Центральній Європі, нові телевізори Nokia Smart TV та медіаплеєр Nokia Streaming Box 8000 сьогодні будуть доступні в Україні в роздрібних магазинах «Територія Твоєї Техніки» та в он-лайн магазині https://www.ttt.ua/ua/shop/brand/nokia . Телевізори Nokia Smart на Android TV ™ з роздільною здатністю 4K та голосовим пультом дистанційного керування забезпечують смарт розваги з доступом до популярних сервісів, в той час як медіаплеєр Nokia Streaming Box 8000, що працює на базі Android TV ™, перетворює базовий телевізор на Смарт ТВ, траснлюючи тисячі програм, фільмів, музику, ігри та інші сервіси безпосередньо на ваш екран.

"Ми дуже раді розпочати продаж телевізорів Nokia Smart TV та ТВ приставки Nokia Streaming Box в Україні. Завдяки компаніїї «Територія Твоєї Техніки»та її багаторічному досвіду продажу фірмових продуктів Nokia ми виграли найнадійнішого партнера з продажу, який міцно зарекомендував себе в Україні. Телевізори Nokia і Streaming Box вже доступні в офф-лайн магазинах та на сайті https://www.ttt.ua/ua/shop/brand/nokia ", – пояснює Ярі Еронен, головний операційний директор «Територія Твоєї Техніки» StreamView.

Смарт розваги та унікальний пульт дистанційного керування
Телевізори Nokia Smart TV поєднують стиль, якість та скандинавський мінімалістичний дизайн продуктів Nokia із сучасними технологіями для ідеального перегляду кіно. Елегантний голосовий пульт дистанційного керування Bluetooth має ергономічну форму і зручно лежить у руці. Унікальна функція підсвічування допомагає знайти потрібну кнопку навіть у темних кімнатах. Програми Netflix і YouTube можна негайно відкрити за допомогою кнопок прямого доступу на пульті дистанційного керування.

Підключення забезпечується за допомогою чотирьох HDMI, двох USB-з’єднань, однією локальною мережею та одним аудіо / відео з’єднанням, а також двосмуговим Wi-Fi та Bluetooth для швидкого підключення пульта дистанційного керування та інших пристроїв Bluetooth. Відео, фотографії, спорт, мобільні ігри, музику та інший вміст із програм, що підтримують Chromecast, можна передавати з мобільних пристроїв на великий телевізійний екран із вбудованим Chromecast. Телевізори Nokia Smart підтримують Google Assistant для пошуку відео в YouTube, останніх блокбастерів або інформації за допомогою голосового управління.

Чотириядерний процесор з 1,5 ГБ оперативної пам'яті та 8 ГБ ПЗУ забезпечує плавне відтворення ігор, відео та веб-контенту. Відео- та звукові стандарти, такі як HDR10, Dolby Vision, dts та Dolby Audio, гарантують чудове відтворення домашнього кінотеатру. Вбудований потрійний тюнер для телепередач у прямому ефірі через наземну антену (DVB-T2), супутник (DVB-S2) або кабель (DVB-C) дозволяє приймати велику кількість безкоштовних національних та міжнародних телевізійних програм. Для вмісту платного телебачення доступний слот CI + для карток платного телебачення. Телевізори Nokia Smart також підтримують SatCR для підключення до восьми приймачів з одним SatCR LNB.

Телевізори Nokia Smart TV: ціни, розміри та доступність
Телевізори Nokia Smart TV доступні в Україні в розмірах 43 дюйма (4300A та 4300B) та 50 дюймів (5000A) за РРЦ 12999 та 11599 грн. (43”) та 16499 грн (50”) (включаючи ПДВ).
Перетворює звичайні телевізори на смарт-телевізори
Nokia Streaming Box на базі Android TV ™ забезпечує миттєвий доступ до понад 7000 додатків у Google Play Store, включаючи популярні сервіси, такі як Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video або YouTube, а також тисячі захоплюючих ігор Android, медіатеки популярних телеканалів та багато іншого.

Отримуйте більше – за допомогою голосу
Завдяки вбудованому Google Assistant, ваш пульт дистанційного керування Nokia Streaming Box 8000 може слухати і реагувати на ваші команди. Просто попросіть Google знайти відео на YouTube, останній фільм-блокбастер або дати рекомендації, які відповідають вашому настрою, і ваші параметри з’являться на екрані. "Окей, Google" може навіть допомогти вам шукати погоду чи найближчий ресторан чи іншу інформацію за допомогою програми для браузера.

Простота налаштування та чистий дизайн
Nokia Streaming Box 8000 легко налаштувати за допомогою Plug & Play , підключити ТВ приставку можна до будь-якого телевізора, який має HDMI або аналоговий аудіо-відеопорт. Для зручності підключення – під`єднайте адаптер живлення, підключіть Streaming Box до телевізора , інтернет мережі та починайте роботу. Медіаплеєр Nokia Streaming Box має компактний та елегантний дизайн, оснащена пультом дистанційного керування з підсвічуванням ергономічної форми, допомагає визначити правильну кнопку, навіть якщо світло вимкнено.

Безкінечні розваги
Nokia Streaming Box 8000 обладнана для відтворення контенту у форматі 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition), забезпечуючи високу контрастність, насичені кольори та детальний дисплей для ідеальних домашніх розваг. Nokia Streaming Box має вбудований Chromecast, який дозволяє бездротово підключати смартфон, планшет чи ноутбук і передавати улюблене відео YouTube чи інший вміст безпосередньо на телевізор. Ще однією перевагою Nokia Streaming Box 8000 є те, що – на відміну від звичайних телевізорів – користувач не залежить від он-лайн трансляції. Трансляцію кіно, передачі можна будь-коли запустити, зупинити та призупинити. Nokia Streaming Box зупиняється там, де було перервано відео, і відновлює його пізніше в той же момент. Незалежно від того, чи шукаєте ви новий серіал, чи просто хочете продовжувати переглядати фільм там, де ви зупинилися – доступ до контента можна отримати будь-коли.

Якщо ви хочете насолодитися іграми на великому екрані або ви віддаєте перевагу друкувати свої дані на екрані телевізора, Nokia Streaming Box 8000 підключається до джостика або клавіатури через Bluetooth. І хоча вбудований Chromecast дозволяє безперешкодно передавати потоки з безлічі мобільних пристроїв, Nokia Streaming Box також має HDMI,USB-A / -C, оптичний звук та порт LAN для підключення всіх видів додаткових пристроїв.

Nokia Streaming Box 8000: Ціни та доступність
Nokia Streaming Box 8000 можна придбати в Україні в роздрібних магазинах «Територія Твоєї Техніки» та он-лайн магазині https://www.ttt.ua/ua/shop/brand/nokia за рекомендованою роздрібною ціною 2199 грн. (з урахуванням ПДВ).
Детальнішу інформацію та зображення з високою роздільною здатністю можна знайти в технічному паспорті тут.

Vanessa Kemme
Havana Orange GmbH
+4989921315177 ext.
email us here

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Bridging the App – Insentra Group and Rimo3 join forces to simplify migration, management and optimisation of apps

Ronnie Altit, Co-Founder and CEO, Insentra Group

Ronnie Altit, Co-Founder and CEO, Insentra Group

Insentra Group Directors, Steve Boi, Ronnie Altit and Itzik Gur

Insentra Group Directors, Steve Boi, Ronnie Altit and Itzik Gur

Insentra Group Logo

Insentra Group

Global Advisory, Managed and Professional Services provider Insentra announce a new exclusive distribution partnership with US-based ISV Rimo3 across ANZ.

Rimo3 is a perfect addition to the portfolio of offerings for Insentra, further solidifying our ability to deliver an outstanding End User Experience for our Partners and their clients.”

— Ronnie Altit

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, July 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bridging the App – Insentra Group and Rimo3 join forces to simplify migration, management and optimisation of applications

Global Advisory, Managed and Professional Services provider Insentra Group have today announced a new exclusive distribution partnership with US-based ISV Rimo3 across Australia and New Zealand, expanding their growing portfolio of represented technology partners.

Founded in 2019, Rimo3 is a SaaS solution which enables simple and scalable automation for migrating, modernising and maintaining apps at scale across all physical or virtual desktop workspaces.

“Following the announcements from Microsoft regarding the expansion of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and the introduction of Cloud PC, this couldn’t come at a better time,” said Ronnie Altit, Co-Founder and CEO of Insentra. “Rimo3 uniquely provides a single platform to analyse, automatically modernise and test applications at scale. Through this partnership with Rimo3, we can address the growing demands of our Partners and their clients to facilitate the rapid adoption of InTune, AVD, Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD) and Cloud PC.” he said.

The Rimo3 Cloud platform can perform deep analysis across your portfolio of applications to determine compatibility with the latest versions of Windows, identify those suitable for MSIX conversion (to leverage MSIX app attach in AVD) and their ability to run in Windows 10 multi-session, thus providing foresight on compatibility, functionality and performance. Rimo 3 goes beyond whether an application will just install across physical, virtual and cloud-based workspaces by analysing how applications perform in each one and providing guidance on the best workspace to deliver each application.

“We are seeing growing concern amongst our Partners and their clients when it comes to managing cumulative Windows updates across business applications,” said Altit. “It’s increasingly difficult for infrastructure teams to quickly assess and test the implications of security patches at scale and as a result, patches are often not applied for days or months. The Rimo3 solution bridges this gap by detecting, pinpointing and highlighting potential user experience impacts from updates at the click of a button, enabling organisations to deploy updates and rapidly shut the door on vulnerabilities. Rimo3 is a perfect addition to the portfolio of offerings for Insentra, further solidifying our ability to deliver an outstanding End User Experience for our partner’s clients.”

Of the new Partnership, President and CEO of Rimo3 Mike Welling said “Partnering with Insentra provides Rimo3 with access to proven skills and expertise across modern work, complex migrations and Azure Virtual Desktop. Their broad partner base and long-term relationships with Microsoft and Citrix make Insentra the logical fit for us when it comes to expanding into the A/NZ market. This, coupled with their global reach makes Insentra an ideal partner for Rimo3”.

Insentra Group recently celebrated several key milestones, recognising 11 years in business, 5 years since expanding into the UK and US markets as well as recruiting their 100th crew member, demonstrating consistent growth in their mission to becoming the number one channel services business on the planet.

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About Insentra
Insentra is a truly collaborative IT Services partner delivering a range of specialised Advisory, Professional and Managed services, transacting exclusively through the IT channel. Our partner-centric business model provides our Partners and their clients with access to technologies, industry expertise, and accountable outcomes.

Our service offerings cover technologies by Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat, Torsion Information Security, IGEL, Nulia and many more across modern workplace, cloud, collaboration, security, support, migrations and more. We love what we do and are driven by a relentless determination to deliver exceptional service excellence. The combined individual skills, experiences and perspectives of our crew enable us to achieve powerful results for our partners and their clients. For more information on Insentra, visit www.insentragroup.com.

About Rimo3
Rimo3 is a software solution which enables simple and scalable automation for migrating, modernising, and maintaining apps at scale, across all physical or virtual desktop workspaces. Our vision is simple: Simplify and accelerate the application modernisation journey for organisations. For more information on Rimo3, visit www.rimo3.com.

Lauren Rutter
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MES- Narrate Your Community’s Success

Member engagement scorecard

Glue Up, a leading SaaS company specializing in community-led growth for member-based organizations launched it’s new beta feature- MES

TYSONS, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Glue Up, an all-in-one engagement management ecosystem continues its commitment to community-led growth with its beta launch of its newest feature- Membership Engagement Scorecards or MES for short. Glue Up realized the need for member-based organizations to understand the needs of their respective communities, what drives them and most importantly, what ‘glues’ them together in a time of need. MES was designed to bridge the communication gap between members, stakeholders and leaders of an organization allowing users to narrate their community’s success.

MES is an automated benchmarking framework to improve customer loyalty, retention, new member acquisition, measure ROI, and help boost revenue targets. It allows member-based organizations to assess their members’ engagement over time, set comparative benchmarks of active versus passive membership, analyze why some members are more engaged than others, modify their initiatives to improve customer retention and loyalty, target the right set of functions to boost member acquisition and much more. Organizations like Chambers of Commerce and/or Associations would use MES to create narratives for their members (companies) or their board meetings.

Regarding MES, CEO of Glue Up, Eric Schmidt, says “As we continue to move towards a community-led business approach, implementing new AI and smart intelligence tools is crucial in making the most difficult job of understanding member interaction with the organization a more beneficial one. Membership Engagement Scorecard seeks to point out trends and engagement metrics in order to boost the membership renewal cycle. We've been learning from our customers for years and so Glue Up is really happy to make their dream of smart software a reality."

The beta release of MES is just the first step in Glue Up’s development of more robust Business Intelligence capabilities. Enabling users to narrate the success of their organization and internal initiatives through a deeper understanding of their members is key to promoting community-led growth. MES therefore is an effort to further Glue Up’s mission to transform the way professional communities enable and enrich relationships.“

About Glue Up

Glue Up is a leading global engagement management solution that services associations, event organizers, Chambers of Commerce, agencies, marketers, businesses, and NGOs with a user-friendly ecosystem of interconnected modules designed to streamline operations, modernize processes, and grow professional communities. Glue Up’s innovative all-in-one solutions combine the best event management, membership management, email marketing, CRM, Finance, Project Management, Networking and mobile apps into one. Glue Up is currently present in 50+ countries around the world and is rapidly expanding.

Rafael Flores
Glue Up
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Siteage, LLC announces release sponsorship of Navy Linux

Navy Linux

Navy Linux

Siteage, LLC announces release sponsorship of Navy Linux, Navy Linux is currently the only option for in-place upgrades for CentOS

LEWES, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Siteage, LLC announces release sponsorship of Navy Linux, Expected stable release date for the arch (x86_64) Sunday August, 1st 2021

The arrangement was struck by Siteage, LLC, with Navy Linux's Navy Foundation on July 20, 2021. Siteage, LLC additionally now subsidizing backer of Navy Linux . "We are eager to report the delivery sponsorship of Navy Linux, With CentOS end of the life, whenever the chance emerged to band together with Navy Linux, it was a conspicuous answer for Siteage, LLC. Navy Linux is right now the most ideal choice for set up updates for CentOS."

Navy Linux expected release date Sunday August, 1st 2021

Linux platforms support included in stable Release

• Navy Linux Minimal
• Navy Linux Enterprise Server
• Navy Linux Enterprise Server with GUI
• Navy Linux Enterprise Virtual Datacenters
• Navy Linux Enterprise Workstation

About Siteage, LLC
Siteage, LLC, provide Managed AWS Cloud Services to automate your applications in the cloud. Siteage optimize Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, and other Linux distributions to Achieve Compliance and Certification standards. Focus area: PCI DSS auditing for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, and other Linux distributions On demand Compliance checklist: 1- HIPAA Compliance Protected Health Information 2- PCI DSS Compliance Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3- NIST – Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS checklist

About Navy Linux: (https://navylinux.org)
Navy Linux Enterprise is an open-source community-powered enterprise Linux operating system is a rebuild of the Red Hat Linux project just as the CentOS Linux project has been for all these years. Navy Foundation that based on the open standards to build Navy Linux Project in consonance with open source software development standards. Act as code to keep technologies open, usable for productive operation.

Siteage, LLC
+1 302-380-3709

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VDO360 Welcomes Pat Cassella as Vice President, Worldwide Channel Sales

VDO360 logo

Pat Cassella, VDO360, Vice President Worldwide Channel Sales

Pat Cassella, VDO360, Vice President Worldwide Channel Sales

Pat Cassella comes on as Vice President of Worldwide Channel Sales for VDO360, replacing Michael Baker as he retires.

With unmatched performance and value-based pricing, our goal is to lead the market in the AI auto-framing segment.”

— Pat Cassella

EDGEWATER, MARYLAND, USA, July 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — VDO360, a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge and affordable video conferencing camera systems, brings on Pat Cassella as Vice President of Worldwide Channel Sales. VDO360 produces a range of camera solutions for every market – education, enterprise, healthcare, government, remote workers, and houses of worship. Their NaturalVision™ AI line includes the smallest AI-driven auto-framing camera in the world (NavAI) and an all-in-one conferencing solution (TridentAI), while their SEE webcam family covers needs that include the WFH market, online learners, teachers, and companies with hybrid workspaces.

Coming over from Discover Video, Cassella has been a leader in the tech industry for more than 30 years, with critical roles in Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Engineering. Focused on the IP video market for the last two decades, Pat has experience in disruptive product design, digital marketing strategies, and leading national sales teams. A skilled grant writer, he has helped to secure more than $100 million in funding for clients deploying distance learning and telehealth solutions around the globe. While President of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA), his guidance helped them implement new revenue-generating services that lead to stabilization and historic growth.

Cassella brings a lot of enthusiasm to the team and thinks VDO360 is well-positioned to take advantage of the shift to AI-based cameras. He says, "With unmatched performance and value-based pricing, our goal is to lead the market in the AI auto-framing segment."

Former VP of Worldwide Channel Sales for VDO360, Michael Baker, gives Cassella his seal of approval. When Pat was Vice President of Educational Markets at VBrick Systems, the two had the opportunity to work together and drive explosive growth in the Educational market. Baker says, "Pat will take VDO360 to the next level of success through his sales and marketing experience and excellent reputation. He has my full confidence."

The rest of the team finds Pat is a natural fit, and they appreciate the impact he's already making. Chip Manning, Chief Operating Officer, says, "Pat brings wide-ranging complementary startup experience to VDO360. His addition to the team strengthens our position in all major markets, and he has hit the ground running."

Reach out to Pat at sales@vdo360.com for more information on future plans, updated sales enablement tools, and answers to your questions about VDO360 cameras.


VDO360 designs and manufactures next-generation video collaboration systems with a razor-sharp eye for what people need now and where technology is going. They create world-class solutions that are affordable, easy-to-use, eco-friendly, and work well with the platforms people depend on. For additional information, visit vdo360.com.


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